Siblings of Sartell: Olivia and Isabel Binsfeld


Christina Binder

Sisters Olivia (Saretll senior) and Isabel Binsfeld (Sartell 7th grader) laughing at an inside joke.

Some of us are only children, while the rest of us have siblings that get on our nerves at times but we know we will always stick up for. A Sartell high school senior, Olivia Binsfeld, and her 7th grade sister are two interesting siblings who, if they were standing next to each other, you would not be able to tell they are related, but once you hear them bickering, it is obvious that they are siblings. An interview with them shows how close they are to each other.

Senior Olivia Binsfeld and 7th grader Isabel Binsfeld being silly on a trip to Florida when they were younger. (Lori Binsfeld)

How old are both of you?

Olivia: 18

Isabel: 13


Do you like the age gap between you two? 

Olivia: Yes, but I don’t like driving Isabel all the time.

Isabel: Yes because I get free money from Olivia.

What are your similarities?

Isabel: NOthinG.

Olivia: No we both like criminal minds and flowers…

Isabel: that’s Stooopid Olivia.

Olivia: …and shopping.

Isabel: Ok there’s one.

Olivia: We both like to bake.

Isabel: Not with you.

Olivia: But we both like it.

Isabel: fIIInE.

Olivia: Arguing with each other kindly.

Isabel Yaaaaaa! No people think we’re [crappy] to each other.


What are your differences? 

Olivia: Everything.

Isabel: Everything else.

Olivia: You don’t eat meat, I eat meat.

Isabel: We dress very differently.

Olivia: Oh um she dresses like you when you were younger and I dress like a basic girl somewhat.

Isabel: I dress like a perverted jock and also…an old man.


Olivia: I mean you’re not wrong…you can skateboard and I can longboard but you can’t longboard and I can’t skateboard.

Isabel: I’m actually good at insults.

Olivia: I can drive, I can drive, she can’t.

Isabel: I don’t sound like a walrus.

Olivia: Hey!

That face is unfortunate honey”

— Isabel Binsfeld

Favorite thing to do together? 

Isabel: Drive and talk shit.

Olivia: HA that’s a good one.

Olivia: Travel together.

Isabel: We like to bully each other, shop, judgmentally stare at anti maskers.

Olivia: We like to hold hands and skip on the pier.

Isabel: No.

Olivia: I like to run her over with my car!

Isabel: *already on another tangent*


What is your least favorite thing the other has made you do for them? 

Isabel: I used to be like a little servant to her. Anytime she would say something “I nEEd mY CHarGeR” I would say nooo and she goes “weLL i’M GoNna tEll mOm i’M gOnnA CAll MOm” and then i’d start crying cuz I was a little kid and I always had a temper tantrum about everything so ya I was like a tiny little goblin and I’d just be like “yA wAnT WAtA.”

Olivia: Doing the cat litter.


What are two things that you like about each other? 

Isabel: She has a license.

Olivia: That her eyebrows don’t exist…

Isabel: What the f-

Olivia: …so it makes me have a little better eyebrows.

Isabel: She doesn’t cry about my insults anymore, quote “anymore.”

Olivia: She’s got good advice I guess.


What’s one thing you dislike about each other?

Olivia: OH SHE Steals my clothiNG!

Isabel: I don’t.

Olivia: Yes you freaking doooo you stole my sweater and I called you out last night and it’s missing! 

Sartell senior Olivia and 7th grade sister Isabel Binsfeld on a family trip to Florida when they were kids. (Lori Binsfeld)

Isabel: Well a ya I can’t find it. I put it in the wash…

Olivia: HA

Isabel: …I put it in the wash…

Olivia HA HA HA AH

Isabel: …and I go down to look at it’s…

Olivia: *screeching*

Isabel: …it’s not in the wash

Olivia: Isabel it’s your turn what do you hate about me!

Isabel: She thinks she’s funny, she’s not funny

Olivia: *In an accent* I think I am.

Isabel: Ya you’re the only person that thinks you’re funny.

Olivia: Well ya because I’m funny.

Isabel: No.


Would you say you’re close? 

Olivia: Ah sí muy bieeeeeennnn! ah oui oui bagUEtte!

Isabel: Aaaahhhhhhgggg

Olivia: Wha?

Isabel: I thought we were going for a French kind of thing.

Sartell 7th grader Isabel with senior Olivia Binsfeld taking some selfies while looking at animals in Arizona. (Olivia Binsfeld)

Olivia: I said baguette.

Isabel: I said bon voyage.


Isabel: No not baguet-, they’re saying goodbye baguette.

Olivia: Ya goodbye baguette as it goes into the stomach.

Isabel: No Olivia…this is…no. This is what I mean by you’re not funny.

Olivia: I’m a freaking genius.

Isabel: No, you’re not.


Have you ever ganged up on your parents? 

Isabel: Yup.

Olivia: Ya.

What was the instance?

Isabel: Every single day.

Olivia: To get our cats.

Isabel: Yes.


Do you enjoy the other one’s hobbies?

Olivia: I mean I used to not, but it’s fine now. Now it’s good and we have somewhat the same hobbies.

Isabel: I don’t know if this counts as a hobby, but you’re old friends. I hated them cuz they were always like “nO I DOn’T waNt To hAnG ouT WItH yoU’rE LittLe SIstEr.” I’m cool, ok, I’m cool and now Christina and I hang out. 

Olivia: I mean at the time you were somewhat cool but not-

Isabel: You know what sometimes I think Christina likes hanging out with me more than she likes hanging out with you.

Olivia: I mean you could say that but then also again Olive likes hanging with me more than you.

Isabel: Ya because you buy Olive Monsters.

Olivia: Ya exactly doesn’t matter it’s the truth.


What’s one thing your sibling does that you don’t hate? 

Olivia: I like her style.

Isabel: I guess sometimes you can say funny things, but you’re not funny.

Olivia: And I guess sometimes she is the funny one. I guess sometimes she can be pretty cool. I think sometimes she can be pretty swag ya know…but now it’s all me complimen- you never said anything nice about me.

Isabel: Cuz i’m not nice.

Olivia: That doesn’t mean you can’t lie!

You can’t say anything nice about me 🙁

The Binsfeld family on a trip to Arizona. (Olivia Binsfeld)

Do you think you will be as close or closer when you both grow up and live apart from each other? 

Olivia: No because she won’t say nice things cuz she never has said nice things about me 🙁

Isabel: Well I basically cuss you out and that’s me saying I love you so much.


Olivia: More because then we can each have our own lives but then still see each other. I don’t know.

Isabel: Just ya the vibes say so.

Olivia: Yes I like that one. Yes, the vibes say so.


What’s one thing you’ve each done behind each other’s backs?

Olivia: Oh I stole ten bucks from you a while ago and then I just didn’t tell you.

Isabel: I steal the ones off your floor. They’re always there, okay! I’m not just gonna leave them. You’re gonna slowly go bankrupt from me stealing your ones.

Olivia: I knew they were missing!

There is truly no relationship like that of siblings. What sounds like bickering can be playful and fun, but on the other hand it could be actual arguing. It was fun to interview Olivia and Isabel Binsfeld. I think they perfectly show how siblings act together.

Sartell Senior Olivia and 7th grade sister Isabel Binsfeld are close sisters. (Lori Binsfeld)