Siblings of Sartell: The Thorstenson


Willow & Wren Photography

Scout and Carson both attend Sartell High School.

They’re non returnable, non refundable, your biggest pet peeve, your biggest ally; you know them, you love them, they’re your siblings! Sartell High School has their fair share of siblings, let’s meet a few of them!

Scout is a senior at Sartell high school, Carson is a freshman. They both play basketball at Sartell and enjoy playing Wii sports together.

1.Q: Are you and your brother close? How so? 

Scout: “Yes, we hang out a lot and play video games together, he’s always on aux.”

Carson: “Yes we hang out every day.”


2. Q: Do you have any funny stories/ memories to share?

Scout: “I knocked him out one time.”

Carson: “Playing basketball a lot.”


3. Q:  Is he a good big/little brother?

Scout: “Yes, he starts my car for me every morning, he makes me protein shakes.” 

Carson: “Yeah he’s a pretty good big brother.”


4. Q: Who is the family favorite?

Scout and Carson enjoy spending time together. (Megan Patzner)

Scout: “I am.” 

Carson: “Me for sure.”


5. Q: Who gets in the most trouble?

Scout: “Carson, he gets in trouble at school too.”

Carson: “Me.”


6. Q: What do you love about your brother?

Scout: “He’s fun and has a lot of energy.”

Carson: “How caring he is.”


7. Q: Who is the funnier one?

Scout:  “Carson.”

Carson: “Me.”


8. Q: If you could tell your brother anything, what would you tell him?

Scout: “I’m going to miss him when I leave.”

Carson: “He’s a good big brother.”