Ways to help relieve stress


photo via Skeyndor under creative commons license

If you’re feeling like this, maybe you should try one of the stress relievers in this article.

Living in the world that we live in today causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Between humans, the earth, work, school, hobbies and sports, everyone has a lot on their plate. We are stressing a lot; however, there are ways to help!

One way that is super easy if you have a little extra time is just exercising.  It doesn’t have to be going on a 7 mile run, but the movement could be something as simple as taking your dog for a walk or doing some jumping jacks. Just taking care of yourself, in general, is really important, and will help you feel less stressed. Eating healthy, drinking less caffeine, and sleeping more are all good examples of this.

Hobbies, and taking time for you to enjoy yourself is also important. An example of this could be cooking healthy (or unhealthy) foods, writing, knitting, drawing, or anything you’re into. 

Here are real people’s answers with how they deal with stress:

Sartell senior Nyah Wolf says that she enjoys working, listening to music, watching Hulu, and hanging out with her friends to relieve stress.

Tech sophomore Perresa Mudrow says that listening to music really helps her when she’s feeling stressed. 

If you like listening to music this is for you. Personally, I really like singing, listening to music, and making it… you can listen to some of my music, and song covers on Youtube, and Soundcloud!