Siblings of Sartell: The Cranes


Scott Crane

The Crane siblings enjoying spending time together. (Left to right: Patrick, Bennett, Annika, Bella)

They’re non-returnable, non-refundable, your biggest pet peeve, your biggest ally; you know them, you love them, they’re your siblings! Sartell High School has its fair share of siblings, let’s meet a few of them!

The Cranes consist of senior, Bella, and sophomore triplets, Bennett, Annika, and Patrick. Bella will be attending the University Of Wisconsin-Madison for biomedical engineering. Bennett is the oldest of the triplets and enjoys playing Lacrosse, spending time with friends, and traveling. Annika enjoys figure skating, playing lacrosse, and baking. Patrick is the youngest, and he enjoys wrestling, track and field, and spending time outdoors.

All four Crane siblings attend Sartell High School.        (Scott Crane)

1. Q. Who is the family favorite:

Bella: “Me or Patrick”

Bennett: “Annika”

Patrick: “Annika”

Annika: “Me”

2. Q. What is your favorite memory together:

Bella: “Christmas with my siblings.”

The triplets (Bennett, Annika, Patrick): “Going to Italy on a family vacation.”

3. Q. What do you love about your siblings:

Bella: “They are all super loyal to the family.”

Bennett: “Annika is weird, and Patrick and I share the same interests. You can always count on each other no matter what.”

Patrick: “Bennett is funny, and Annika has good vibes.”

Annika: “They are funny.”

4. Q. How are you different/ how are you similar:

Bella: “I’m older and more mature.”

Bennett: “Me and Annika have the same interest in sports. Patrick and I have the same social interests.”

Patrick: “I like to hunt, and they don’t. I am similar to Annika in the way that we share academic interests. Me and Bennett share similar friends.”

Annika: “Me and Bennett share similar interests in sports.”

5. Q. What is your favorite thing to do together:

Bella: “Go to a lake and wakeboard.”

The triplets (Bennett, Annika, Patrick): “Boating.”

6. Q. What is something your sibling does that annoys you:

Bella: “Bennet and Patrick are loud at night downstairs.”

Bennett: “Annika doesn’t use logic.”

Patrick: “Bennett chews with his mouth open, and Annika talks too quietly.” 

Annika: “Bennett leaves his dishes on the table, and Patrick watches car shows all the time.”

7. Q. Describe each other in one word:

Bella: “Bennet is ambitious, and Patrick is determined.”  

Bennett: “Annika is short, Patrick is open-minded, and Bella is charismatic.”

Patrick: “Annika is short, Bennett is chill, and Bella is smart.”

Annika: “Bennett is care free, Patrick is chill, and Bella is smart.”

8. Q. Who is the cleanest/messiest: 

Bella: “Bennett and I are the messiest.  Annika and Patrick are the cleanest, but Bennett is messier than me. “

Patrick: “Annika is the cleanest, and Bennett is definitely the messiest.”

9. Q. Which sibling would you call to bail you out of jail:

We’ve always been close then and now.”

— Bennett Crane

Patrick: “Bennett”

Bella: “Annika”

Bennett: “Patrick”

Annika: “Bella”

10. Q. Are you closer now or when you were younger: 

Bella: “I was closer to all of them when I was younger, but I am closer to Annika now.”

Bennett: “We’ve always been close then and now.”

Patrick: “Closer now because we have more memories and time spent together now.”

Annika: “We are closer now.”