Does Sartell have spirit?

A round up of this late homecoming spirt week.

With Covid preventing us from having a typical homecoming, many students were left sad about not being able to show their school spirit. However, Sartell’s student council saved us all with an April homecoming. The week was kicked off with pajama day, followed by camo vs. tie-dye day, jersey day, groutfit or double denim day, and ending the week was college apparel day.

On Friday, the homecoming parade happened with businesses and sports teams celebrating the community, and while the dance ended up being cancelled, people were still in the homecoming, school spirit mood.

April 19th – Pajama Day

Pajama day was pretty low in participation. When asking people why people they weren’t dressed up it was either because they had no clue it was spirit week or that they were participating in the walkout. However, those who did dress up did not disappoint.

April 20th – Tie-Dye vs. Camo

A favorite day amongst many, tie-dye vs camo day had many who showed up. But after this day it hard to decide if camo or tie-dye is the best.

April 21st – Jersey Day

One of the easier days to dress up, and having the highest participation, was Jersey day.  It was unforgettable. It may have caused some tension between sports team fans, but it was all in good spirit.

April 22nd – Grout Fit or Double Denim day

Groutfit or double denim day was probably the most fashionable day. With many different takes, it was hard to choose which outfits to put into this article.

April 23rd – College Appeal Day

The last day of spirit week was college apparel day. This day was packed with underclassmen showing where they want to go to college, and seniors showing where they are going to college.

After a great spirit week, it will be hard to be topped next year. Hopefully next year we can have a true homecoming, but many are grateful we were able to do something. What this year thought me about spirit week is to always expect the unexpected.