Shein clothing: I’d say it’s a win


Danielle Murray

A cute little white bucket hat that will match with anything.


I’ve heard a lot about Shein. It’s everywhere on social media including Snapchat, Instagram, and influencers on TikTok that buy the items off the website and review their items.

I’ve never shopped online because either I can never find anything that isn’t ugly or I don’t know if I should get it because I’m very indecisive about getting it and last I don’t know if it will fit me. I feel like I’m the only person that has over 100 things on their wishlist that I’ll never get because I’m a cheapskate. The only reason I got the items I did, is that there is always free shipping on Sundays, and I couldn’t pass up a good deal.

All of the six pieces of clothing came on the 17th in the afternoon. I ordered three crop tops, an oversized graphic tee, a swimsuit, and a bucket hat.

My favorite was the bucket hat. It was so cute and cheap.

I absolutely loved the swimsuit, but you would think it would be easy to get on but no it wasn’t. The stupid bugger took me 30 minutes just to figure how to put it on me. I had to get help from my dad’s girlfriend Brittany because I couldn’t figure it out. 

I wanted to spice up my closet instead of getting a white or a blacktop. I decided to get a neon yellow crop top. I loved the crop top so much although it was a bit big on the stomach. The crop top has a split in it. I wasn’t a big fan of it, but I will still wear it because I don’t feel like returning it then having to go through the shipping process. The straps kind of looked like the end of a table cloth or something an old lady would wear.

The last shirt I got was a floral crop top with a tie in the front of it. I fell in love with it; it was so cute and fit perfectly. 

I would definitely buy again from Shein. It was super cheap and all of the items were of good quality. It also came right on time as it said it would. Make sure you either ordered your size or a size smaller because I ordered a small oversized tee-shirt, and it looked like a medium. Another thing I really liked about Shein is that there is a size guide. So you can pick out the size you want, and it will fit you perfectly.   

Oooo Danielle, you got drip…that’s what the cool kids say, right?”

— Mike Murray