The history of Minecraft.


Wesley Freyer photo under creative commons license

A deeper look into the beloved game we still play today.

When you think of video games that bring you joy, what game do you think of? Fortnite? Roblox? Call of Duty? Although those games could be enjoyable one specific game may come to mind. This game is Minecraft. Ever since 2009, before the game was even fully released, it has taken the world by storm. 

Minecraft was first created, in 2009, by Notch, who’s name is also Markus Persson. The games name originally was ‘Cave Game’ before it became our beloved Minecraft. The very first version of the game released was the Java Edition, released for independent game designers so Notch could get feedback for the game. The name was changed to the classic edition, and got it’s first update June of 2010. Minecraft wasn’t even fully released yet, and it was already gaining immense popularity. It was also during 2010 when Mojang was created. Mojang is a gaming company, which Minecraft was under because Notch was also the founder. Finally the full version was released on November 18, 2011. 

The creator and founder of Minecraft, and Mojang Markus Notch Persson. (Widjaya Ivan photo under creative commons license )

Minecraft started seeing success in 2009 when it was freshly created, but by 2011 this game took off completely. More, and more people started playing, and enjoying the game. Even though the full version of Minecraft was released, it was quickly being updated and perfected for the new, and large amount of players. One of the updates Minecraft went through was getting a new game leader. Notch stepped down and gave the position to the new game leader Jens Bergensten, also known as ‘Jeb’. Jeb led the game through new success with new updates like “Adventure Update” Pretty Scary Update” and “The update that changed the world”.

As the years kept going on the game grew in popularity. In 2016 the game had around 40 million players per month, in 2017 55 million players per month. 2017 was also the year when Minecraft was bought by Microsoft. This purchase allowed Minecraft to keep growing. The game also kept growing in popularity because new ways to play were developed. You now had the option to play Minecraft on mobile phones, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and even virtual reality. By 2018 the game had around 75 million monthly players. As the numbers grow, and the game has been around for a long time, it has really impacted peoples lives.

Perresa Mudrow, a sophomore at Tech High School said: “Minecraft gave me the creativity to explore things that I normally wouldn’t. 

Perresa Mudrow posing for a Facetime screenshot after her interview. (Kaitlin Lessard)

Jared Shlagheck, a senior at Sartell High School said: “When I was little I was super into it which has made me into building stuff now”

Sartell student Jared Shlagheck unaware of the screenshot that was being taken after his interview. (Kaitlin Lessard)

Although just two people shared their opinions on Minecraft, more people feel positive impacts from being able to play Minecraft. 

Minecraft has changed many other people’s lives, and given many people careers, or just money. As Minecraft was gaining popularity, so was Youtube. This combination gave many people the chance to play the game and gain many views of their videos. One of the most popular Youtuber’s, Pewdiepie, had his first Youtube video about playing Minecraft. Pewdiepie now has 109 million subscribers. Many more creators like this use Minecraft as there game of choice. People also can live stream their game play on an app called Twitch. Tommyinnit is an example popular Minecraft content creator raining in an average of 203,625 views per stream. 

Pewdiepie, also known as Felix photographed while recording a podcast. (Wikimedia photo under creative commons license)

Minecraft is a life changing heartwarming game that has been played ever since 2009, and even now it continues to be popular.

The logo of the streaming app twitch that Tommyinnit uses to stream Minecraft. (Wikimedia photo under creative commons license )