Marley Michaud performing her floor routine at the state gymnastics meet. (Marley Michaud)
Marley Michaud performing her floor routine at the state gymnastics meet.

Marley Michaud

Sartell senior, Marley Michaud, named gymnast of the year

April 16, 2021

Sartell senior, Marley Michaud talks about her overwhelming excitement at state gymnastics, her story as a gymnast, and the legacy she wants to leave as a Sartell gymnast.

Marley Michaud did an extraordinary job at the state gymnastics meet this year in which she placed 3rd on floor, 1st on vault, 1st on bars, and 1st all-around. But how did she get to this point? Marley explains how she got into gymnastics.

“I was three when I started gymnastics,” she said. “I started with recreational gymnastics in Mankato, Minnesota, where I used to live.

Marley would put in 20 hours at the gym every week when she was younger. (Marley Michaud)

From there I just did more recreational gymnastics and then Sartell Sapphire gymnastics, and then joined the Sartell High School Gymnastics team when I was a sophomore.”

Marley said that she has put a lot of hours in the gym, especially when she was in club gymnastics in which she would practice from 4-8 pm, five times a week. 20 hours in the gym where she was able to get consistent and get as many repetitions in as possible. When she came to high school gymnastics, however, she described it as much more of a team aspect than club gymnastics.

“When you’re in club [gymnastics], if you fell, it was your own problem; but when I came to high school, it was like the team was counting on me,” she said. “I knew when I came on the team, everyone was supporting me and I felt so welcomed. If you do good, it helps everyone else do good.”

At the state gymnastics meet, Sartell started on the vault where Marley landed her best score: a 9.875. She shares what it felt like to start so strong during the meet, and how that played into the rest of the meet: “I think that initial feeling that I had when I

Sartell Gymnastics team celebrating after Marley’s 9.875 on her vault. (Photo via Marley Michaud)

landed that vault just set the stage for the rest of the meet. The momentum from that event as a team, because we did really well on that event as a team as well, got us going for the rest of the meet. I think if we would’ve had a rocky start, we wouldn’t have done as well as we did.”

For the award ceremony, nobody was allowed in the gym, so the girls had to listen to the awards on the bus. When asked what it was like to hear her name four different times, and she told a very interesting story: “Before the awards, a journalist from a newspaper in Minneapolis called me and told me.”

So even though Marley was spoiled by the news before the awards occurred, she described the feeling as “surreal.”

Leaving a legacy was one of the Sartell Gymnastics’ motives throughout the entire season, so I asked Marley what kind of legacy she herself wants to leave as a Sartell gymnast. “I want my legacy at Sartell Gymnastics to be how dedicated I am to gymnastics and how much I have been through to get to this point,” she said. “I definitely have had my fair share of injuries, but I want my legacy to be about my perseverance. I want to pave the way for more girls to have the same experience I did at Sartell Gymnastics.”

Marley plans to attend Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota in the fall where she is either going to major in biology or chemistry. In addition, she will be continuing her legacy on the Gustavus Gymnastics team.

One of Marley’s biggest fans, is her six-year-old sister, Stella. Marley describes their relationship as very close. “She is probably my best friend and she is 6,” she said. “I think our relationship has gotten stronger this year because of gymnastics.”

Marley’s little sister, Stella, is not only her biggest fan, but also her personal pep talker. (Photo via Marley Michaud)

She said that Stella started gymnastics classes this year, and she just loves it. “She is getting new skills so a lot of our relationship is ‘Marley, come spot me on this.’ ‘Marley come watch me do this.'” However, not only is Stella her biggest fan, but she is also her personal pep talker.

Marley explained how Stella will say to her, “‘Marley, you’re staying on that beam today,’ and, ‘Marley, you’re getting a 10.’ She watches college gymnastics instead of cartoons, and not even with me.”

She said that Stella knows everything about college gymnastics and could tell you everything about it.  “She’ll probably be better than me,” Marley said- and I think we can all say that Sartell is looking forward to having another Michaud represent the Gymnastics team.


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