Ethan Dauw & the Sartell Sabre Boys’ Golf Team prepare for upcoming season


Angie Heckman

Ethan Dauw playing Blackberry Ridge Golf Course.

Ethan Dauw and the Sartell Sabre Boys’ Golf Team prepare for their upcoming season starting on Monday, March 22nd at Blackberry Ridge golf course striving for a successful season.

As the 2020 golf season was taken away due to the COVID-19, these boys have been working extremely hard and putting in extra hours to be extra prepared for this upcoming season and meets.  Ethan Dauw, a golf team member, shares his thoughts about himself and his upcoming golf season. 

 How has not having the opportunity to have a 2020 golf season affected you and the way that you practice and prepare for this season?

I have been practicing harder and making every effort to play the best that I can. I have been playing on weekends and every chance I get.”

— Ethan Dauw

The boys practice most days during the school week and some even add extra practice on the weekends to better themselves and their scores. They practice at their home course, Blackberry Ridge Golf Course, every day after school. Due to some spring weather challenges, these boys have had some delays in meets, but that does not stop them to keep practicing

 What is your biggest motivator to better yourself and your scores on the golf course? 

The thought of bettering myself and my scores is what motivates me to keep pushing myself to get better. ”

— Ethan Dauw

The summer is the time Ethan spends countless hours every single day to better himself on the course. He has traveled near and far to play at many different courses to challenge himself.

 What is your favorite course you have ever played at and why?

Personally, my favorite course that I have ever played at is Eagle’s Landing in Fort Ripley, Minnesota. It challenged my game and was overall just a fun course to play on.”

— Ethan Dauw

Both Ethan Dauw and the Sartell Sabre Golf team are excited to see what this season is holding for them and are looking to better themselves and their scores throughout the season.