Maliah Nemeth

This is the Flour & Flower sign on the side of the building.

St. Joseph Offers Brand New Bakery

St. Joseph Minnesota has many locally-owned small restaurants that serve all sorts of different things.

Flour and Flower is one of those special businesses/ restaurants.

Flour and Flower is owned by Erin Rae and Mateo Mackbee. The bakery opened up in May 2020.

Here are the pastries that they had available when I was in there. (Maliah Nemeth)


Mackbee and Rae have had this lifelong dream. Rae has a special connection to flowers and plants. She read a book when she was young that spoke of the mystical powers of plants and flowers. She also loves bread! She combined the two together and got came up with  Flour & Flower.



This is a picture if the Cinnamon Morning Bun, And a Rhubarb Ginger Croissant. (Maliah Nemeth )


Rae’s proudest moment of the restaurant would be seeing Mateo and his mother in NYT. Seeing the legacy of his mother shine through him and his work is just so freaking cool to see. She also says that he is in his element every day and to see the recognition that he gets is beautiful.


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