Making cake pops: a thrilling adventure


photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license

Colorful cake pops on display ready to be eaten.

Cake pops.

One of the easiest treats to eat, but to me, one of the hardest to make.

Take a journey with me, as I try to make cake pops.  A few months ago I tried to make cake pops but almost everything went wrong. I added too much frosting, I didn’t crumble the cake enough, I didn’t melt enough chocolate, and even the color was ugly. This time I wanted to make them right, after watching a few cake pop Tiktoks, It is time to redeem myself.

This is somewhat of a goal of what I want my cake pops to look like, just pink frosting and colorful sprinkles. (photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license)


The first thing I did was gather my ingredients which were:

  • melting chocolate
  • food coloring
  • sprinkles
  • wooden sticks
  • frosting
  • Cake mix
    • eggs
    • oil
    • water

The next step was to actually get baking. I bought a cake mix so all I had to do was add the mix, oil, water, and eggs, then mix and put it into the oven.

Next, I let the cake bake and cool. I then put a heaping spoonful of frosting into the cake and combined it so it became like a dough. 

I melted white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, mixing in between each time and then adding pink food coloring. 

Next, I rolled a small dough ball and poked the tip of a wooden stick into the melted chocolate. I poked the stick into the dough ball and dipped it into the chocolate. I poked a hole into an empty container so the cake pops could stand and dry. While they were standing and drying I added sprinkles to them, and then let the chocolate harden.

After all of the hard work, this is the final result:

The final result of my great cake pop journey. (Kaitlin Lessard)