Living in fear

Human trafficking, the worlds largest growing crime. Fifteen years old, this is the average age for girls being trafficked and it is said that for boys it’s even younger. How can we stop this? What can we do to protect our friends and family?

Trafficking has no gender, race, sexuality, ect. Anyone can be trafficked but women and children are statistically targeted. Traffickers tend to manipulate and isolate their victims, this could include taking their money, moving them to a different city away from friends and family or even changing their appearance so they cannot be identified. Young girls have a very high chance of being abducted and forced into trafficking because they are vulnerable and may think that the trafficker can have a romantic relationship with them. Ninety Nine percent of traffickers are men and usually they do not run the trafficking by themselves. Although you may not realize places are involved in trafficking, many places such as massage spas, and lower end motels have had very high statistics for trafficking.

All around the world people are making money off of trafficking. It is said that this business is worth up to 150 billion dollars. Not only do the predators make money off of abducting and forcing people into prositution or sex work, they also may have the victims do dirty work. Traffickers will make their victims go out to find other vulnerable people to bring them back to either be sold into the business or kept isolated with the others. When the victims are told to go find other people to bring back they usually act like they need help with their car or come up with an excuse to come back home with them.



 HUMAN TRAFFICKING CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Do’s & Don’t’s In That Situation!

I just want to live a normal life, accept my past and not run from it”

— Tonya, a human trafficking survivor

Lots of the LGBTQ+ community is at risk as well. In most places homosexuality is still shunned upon which creates the issue of gay men being trafficked but never getting reported. Lots of traffickers see people of the LGBTQ+ as weak so they make them an easy target.Homeless members of the community are also a large target, some parents are very accepting of their children’s sexuality but there are also the ones who will go to the extent of kicking their child out or disowning them. Traffickers will look for the most vulnerable people to take advantage of and the homeless youth plays a big factor in abduction. 

If you’d like to donate or help support the people who have been through human trafficking or are going through human trafficking, visit Children Of The Night