Winter Soldier and Falcon team up to fight the evil that is rising. (Fair use photo from )
Winter Soldier and Falcon team up to fight the evil that is rising.

Fair use photo from

A new Captain America? A look into the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

Spoilers Ahead!!

March 24, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is finally getting its time in the spotlight. On Friday, March 19, 2021, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was released to the public and fans could not be happier. I took the time to watch the first episode to give my honest review of the show.

The first episode sets the scene with Falcon, (Anthony Mackie), reminiscing about a conversation he had with Steve Rogers about the fate of the infamous Captain America shield, even though Captain America gave it to him.

The Falcon debating what to do with Captain America’s shield (Fair use photo from

How does it feel?”

— Steve Rogers

Like it’s someone else’s.”

— Sam Wilson (Falcon)

It isn’t.”

— Steve Rogers

As it turns out, Falcon is on a mission to save Captain Vasant, a military liaison, who has been taken by a high-powered criminal organization known as LAF. However, LAF has already flown into Tunisian airspace, a place that United States military cannot be seen operating in, so Falcon has to be careful to not break any treaties with Tunisia.

Then, brace yourself for an anxiety-inducing, high-action scene as Falcon flies through the air, boards a cargo plane, brawls with terrorists, leaps out of the plane, brawls with more terrorists, evades helicopter attacks and missile strikes, all while saving Captain Vasant before crossing the Libya border.

Action shot from Falcon’s action pact opening scene in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (Fair use photo from

What fans have loved so far about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier so far is that “Sam’s high-flying, action-packed escapade feels right at home within the MCU, evoking many of Sam’s past adventures in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Ant-Man,” “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” This was definitely a comfort to see after all the adventures and unknowns of Marvel Studios’ most risky show, WandaVision. (You can check out my articles on WandaVision here and here)

After Sam succeeds with his mission, we see him return to Captain America’s shield proclaiming that

Thank you, Captain America, but this belongs to you. ”

— Sam Wilson

Sam returns the shield to the Smithsonian, which we will later see why this was a mistake.

Captain America’s shield supposedly being put to rest after Steve Rogers’ death. (Fair use photo from

For now, let’s talk about where The Winter Soldier was during all this chaos.

The Winter Soldier, who I will be referring to as Bucky, is spending this first episode struggling to make amends for his past crimes; he and Sam have yet to cross paths.

Bucky is still haunted by nightmares from when he was under the control of Hydra and a serial killer, but at least he’s finally getting therapy. However, therapy is not going too great as he is still trying to open up about his past traumas and wrongdoings.

It is revealed to us in a nightmare that Bucky has that while he was on a mission under the mind control of Hydra, he went on a killing spree and ended up killing this young, innocent man, who will show up again later.

His therapist has assigned him the task of making amends with those he wronged, and he is required to follow three rules:

  1. Nothing illegal.
  2. Nobody gets hurt.
  3. Telling the people he is contacting that he is no longer the winter soldier and they are a part of his mission to make amends.
Bucky is struggling to make amends with the names on his list. (Fair use photo from

A name that is on his list of amends is Yori, the father of the young man I mentioned previously who The Winter Soldier killed. The police never told Yori what really happened to his son and does not know that the nice, charming man who buys him food and talks with him is the culprit behind his sadness and yearning for his son back.

Yori and Bucky have established a cute little friendship and Yori even arranges for Bucky to go out on a date with the bartender, Leah.

The date goes well until Leah mentions Yori’s dead son, at which point Bucky retreats, going to see Yori and almost getting up the nerve to tell him what happened… yet failing. Likely because Yori is one of the few people with whom Bucky has a real human connection these days.” 

Meanwhile, Sam discovers a shocking new development.

Captain America’s shield, the one that Sam donated to the museum as a tribute to Steve Rogers to honor his memory, has now been bestowed onto someone less worthy as the government announces a new Captain America (who will be played by Wyatt Russell) live on TV.

Wyatt Russell is revealed to be the new Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. (Fair use photo from

Fans have been going crazy with this reveal and safe to say I am too. It is hard to imagine anyone else other than Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as Captain America because no one could ever live up to his legacy.

Now, onto my honest review of the first episode. In all honesty, it is unfair to judge a show just by the first episode, but I predict that it is going to be a hit. Especially once we see the reunion of The Winter Soldier and The Falcon. I am excited to see how the show progresses and what they plan to do with this new Captain America.

I had the opportunity to talk with my friend, Lauren Hansen about her thoughts on the first episode. Here is what she said:

Abby: What are your thoughts on the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Lauren: “From watching the trailer, we know that at some point, Falcon and Bucky will pair up together and I’m very excited about that because it promises to be very sarcastic and very funny. Sharon Carter, who was in previous Captain America movies, the niece of Peggy Carter, is going to come into the show at some point and that is likely to add to our humor dynamic.”

Abby: What do you think about the new Captain America? 

Lauren: I am very interested to see what will happen with the mantel of Captain America if Sam will actually take it up by the end of the show. I hope someone does who is more worthy because I am not a huge fan of this other guy coming in with the shield.”

Abby: Lastly, any theories for future episodes?

Lauren: “I guess I do have one minor theory is that I thought that the guy they brought out at the end looked kind of similar to Sam’s friend, the guy Sam’s friend fought in the street. So, maybe there is some infiltration. I am very excited to see where it will go and I’m very happy to see them work with Bucky’s character arch rather than him just being mind-controlled.”

Feel free to check out the trailer for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier below!



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