‘On’ running shoes are worth it


Fair use Via On website

“The second generation of the On Cloudswift delivers enhanced cushioning, grip and rocker shape to the city streets in a uniquely Swiss silhouette—minimal, functional and all about the details.” -On

A good pair of running shoes can definitely change how you look at running. A bad pair can cause you pain and make you unmotivated to run. Since I started running, I have tried plenty of shoes and haven’t found one that works best for me. I have tried a range of Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Hokas, and some others but none truly treat me well. During this past cross country season, I suffered from a stress fracture, and I wasn’t able to run the rest of the season.  I’m not sure if it was my current shoes, but from there I decided I need to find the real best running shoe for me.

I spent the next couple of weeks looking and searching for shoes. I stumbled upon the brand On, and it changed my life.  

On started in Switzerland, by three friends who would use Swiss engineering to make the best running shoes. They said that their main goal was to engineer a shoe with cushioned landing and firm take-off. Right after first releasing in 2010, they received ISPO BrandNew Award, which is an award to sports start-ups with great innovations. Today On is making effort to make a more sustainable world, by encouraging people to go enjoy the outdoor, being transparent with their environmental impact, and find new material and technology to reduce their environmental impact. On is now making a wide range of products from hiking shoes, shoes for everyday day wear, shoes that are waterproof, appeal, and of course their high tech running shoes.

Cushioning that doesn’t break your stride, but adapts to it.”

— On-running

Compared to other online shoe shopping experiences, the On’s website was my favorite to use. When searching for your desired shoe, On has a quick shoe finder to help you find what you are looking for. You answer what activity you are going to use your shoes for, where you are going to be using your shoe, distance traveling, cushioning level, and a few more questions. Once you answer all the questions, it gives you their most recommended shoe. If you also want to take the test and use their store locator to see if any of your local stores have the shoe to try on.

When buying the price can be one of the main points of concern. The shoes start at $130 for a bases level pair, but the more advance the shoe prices can be up to $250. One way to get around this probably is to check for sales either on their website, or other retailers. Though you might not get the best color of the shoe, you still will be able to experience all the same technology.

My experience with On has been overall flawless, there have only by few issues. When going on long runs compared to other shoes, I sometimes forget I am wearing shoes. I haven’t used them for short-distance runs or sprints, so I’m not quite sure how they perform in that type of use. Also, my feet have minimal soreness after runs, which is always great. My only issue is that when breaking them in while running I did get a few large blisters, so maybe instead of running to break them in, try walking. I got a second pair on sale for boot camp training and loved them for that. I have felt that they have helped me through work by giving me support, helping amplifing movements, and not being too heavy.

If you are looking for your newest pair of running shoes my experiences with On have been so great that I highly recommend giving them a shot.