Gordon Ramsay who?


I was browsing through pinterest and I saw chicken caesar pasta. I really wanted to make pasta because I was craving it. You would think it would be easy, but it wasn’t. I somehow messed up on the ingredients, but this time it wasn’t my fault pinterest was confusing the Stephanie that made the pasta had two ingredient lists. The first ingredient list said bacon, so I bought it. Even though I didn’t need the bacon I still used it. She had a blog called The Cozy CookI went to that her website because it didn’t tell me how to make it on Pinterest.


While I was making the pasta it was kind of difficult because in some parts of the directions it didn’t have the amount to put in, so I had to keep going back and forth looking at the ingredients. I was looking at the directions and it said that we need 3 cups of broth both thought that would be way too much. Once we put the noodles in the broth the noodles soaked it all up. I made Brittany do one part of the cooking because I was scared that I would get zapped by the oil while flipping the chicken in the pan. 


Danielle Murray



Once we finished the meal, it was kind of dry, I think we overcooked it, but we followed the directions. I tried the noodles. It was good,but it was really overwhelming with all  the ingredients, especially the lemon. I think it should have had less of the lemon juices and lemon seasoning. My dad tried it and he somewhat liked it. When he first tried it he looked like a baby who just tried a lemon for the first time and made a weird face. I also made Bella try it but all she wanted was the bacon and that’s all she ate. 

Bacon bacon bacon bacon.”

— Bella, a 6 year old

This was smack.”

— Mike Murray