The next plague: mice infestations in Australia growing out of control


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Australian citizens are being overwhelmed with deceased mice.

At this point in the year, everybody is ready to kiss plagues and epidemics goodbye. However, for the people of eastern Australia, a new challenge arises. What has been written as “torrential mice” has completely overwhelmed farmers, business owners, and local officials in Australia.

So far, nobody knows the cause of these mice storms, although some have ideas. Every year the mice population rises due to breeding cycles that have been going on for a long time. This year, however, it is out of control and has led to levels triple, and even quadruple the severity of years prior. A picture of some of the aftermath of this out of control breeding season from is shown below.

Local officials have been hit extremely hard by this plague as well. According to, some officials as well as farmers have spent up to six hours a day picking up waste left behind from the mice. On top of the waste, infection rates within the community are rising. Although COVID has been overcome by the hard-nosed tactics of Australian leaders, a new wave of quarantine has been prevalent. Hotels, restaurants, and many small businesses are being forced to close due to high infestation rates. This has left the economy in an unstable state on top of the pandemic.

On top of businesses being shut down due to this epidemic, there are many people who have been “quarantined” in many ways. Although this time it isn’t due to a virus, many citizens are resorting to staying sheltered in place and not entering public businesses and stores due to the mice infestations. Even considering that local officials and community members are doing their best to pick up the waste left behind by these critters, there is still unthinkable amounts of feces have built up in the streets and sidewalks in many parts of Eastern Australia.


One of the most severe side effects that accompany this plague are the potential outbreaks of viruses, infections, and disease that mice are known to spread.

According to, there has been a rise in rabies as well as many other forms of animal carried disease that are found in mice. Clearly, this infestation does not only prove harmful for the economy and the mice, it can seriously impact society as well.

The true causes of this plague are yet unknown, while many have ideas there is nothing official yet. Some accredit this increase in breeding numbers to the idea of Global warming. Many skeptics are saying that because of the rise in temperature and prime breeding conditions that the season for mice is starting earlier and more intense than normal. This does seem like a bit of a stretch, but who knows. There could definitely be some truth to this idea after all.

At the end of the day, nobody likes to find a mouse here or there. Mice are just smelly, as well as inconvenient. I am sure that many of us are guilty of flipping out after finding one mouse in our cellars or basements. Could you imagine what your reaction would be if you woke up to something like this?