I reviewed and shared my thoughts on a variety of different gluten-free foods. (Emilie Houge)
I reviewed and shared my thoughts on a variety of different gluten-free foods.

Emilie Houge

Gluten-free food items can be tasty if you give them a chance

April 12, 2021

I recently found out that I may be intolerant to gluten. This made it really hard for me to find foods that I can eat, as I am already intolerant to fructose; my mom and I spent one hour in Coborns to find only three gluten-free items. So instead of getting down on myself, I decided to make my new food trials fun. As I try my new gluten-free food items, I will be reviewing each one below. So if you are also gluten-free, hopefully, this will help you find some food items that you will enjoy also!

From The Ground Up Nacho Flavor Cauliflower Crackers:

I know what you’re thinking- “cauliflower crackers?” But hear me out, these crackers are not half bad. If you are a fan of Cheez-it Grooves, these are for you. The nacho flavor tastes just like the Orginal Cheddar flavor of Cheez-it Grooves. Now, these crackers do have kind of an aftertaste, and while it is not the worst, it can get to be a little too much at once. I noticed I can only have a

Cauliflower crackers, nacho flavor, are not half bad. (Emilie Houge)

handful at a time. LeSabre photo editor and journalist, Ava Williams also tried these cauliflower crackers. I asked her what she thought they tasted like, and her immediate response was “Cheez-it” Grooves. So if you are not gluten-free, you may enjoy these crackers too!

You can find the ‘From The Ground Up Nacho Flavor Cauliflower Crackers‘ at the super Coborns on PineCone for $3.79- and I will add, for a gluten-free product, this price is not terrible. This specific flavor I could only find at the super Coborns in Sartell, however, there are other flavors at Target and Walmart that I will be trying!



Goodman Gluten-Free White Bread:

Goodman gluten-free bread tastes like normal bread. (Emilie Houge)

This gluten-free bread tastes exactly like normal bread. Since it does not have any gluten in it, it makes sense that it falls apart when you eat it. It has a spongy feel to it, but I promise you do not really notice it. Putting a condiment on the sandwich such as mayo, mustard, butter, etc. really helps it not taste as spongy. Now while this bread is really small, you probably will not eat it as much since it does have a weird texture. All in all, if you are looking for gluten-free bread for sandwiches, this bread is it and will do the trick.

You can find “Goodman Gluten-Free Bread” in the fridge by the bakery at the super Coborns for $4.49. It’s expensive, but I mean, so is every other gluten-free product.


Ancient Harvest Organic and Gluten-Free Pasta:

This gluten-free and organic pasta tastes just like normal pasta, except it is a little more starchy. However, this is expected since there is no gluten in the pasta. I got the penne pasta because I think we can all agree that it makes pasta 10-times better. When

Gluten-Free pasta tastes like normal pasta, just more starchy. (Emilie Houge)

you eat it, it is a lot softer and it takes less time to cook. Normal pasta usually takes about 10-12 minutes to cook, whereas gluten-free pasta takes about 6 minutes. Once it is cooked, it looks a little mushy, but do not be scared by the look. Also, when you cook gluten-free pasta in general, it may look like it is coming apart but it’s not, I promise.

You can find “Ancient Harvest Organic and Gluten-Free Pasta” at Coborns for $3.29. This is quite a bit more than normal pasta as “Creamette Penne” pasta is $1.79 and “Barilla Penne” pasta is $1.99.


Gluten-Free pasta looks kind of mushy when you cook it and it may look like it is coming apart. (Emilie Houge)









Success Quinoa:

Now quinoa is something that anyone would eat, maybe in replacement for rice, but since it is considered gluten-free, I decided to try it for the first time. Honestly, I did not enjoy it one bit. I felt like I was eating sand because that was the texture of it. Maybe if

Quinoa tastes like you are eating sand. (Photo via Coborns under the creative commons license)

you try to add some meat to the quinoa, like chicken or steak, it might taste better. However, for me, it was a big no-go.

You can find the “Success Quinoa” at Coborns for $2.85- which is quite a steal in my opinion as it comes with four bags in the box, and trust me, one bag makes enough to feed a herd of cows (this is obviously an exaggeration but there is so much left in my fridge and I do not want to waste it or eat it).







Lance Gluten-Free Cheddar Cheese Crackers:

These are by far my favorite gluten-free product that I have tried thus far. I thought the nacho-flavored cauliflower crackers tasted like Cheez-its, but these take the cake. They taste almost identical to the original Cheez-its and may I add, they may even be better. I again had LeSabre photo editor and journalist, Ava Williams, try these crackers and she was blown away with how good

These are by far my favorite crackers. (Emilie Houge)

they tasted. These crackers really gave me a different perspective on how this gluten-free thing will go- maybe not so half bad?

You can find “Lance Gluten-Free Cheddar Cheese Crackers” at Walmart for $3.72. A normal box of Cheez-its is about $2.88- so I would say not too bad of a price. A good taste and a good price. Win-win for me.





Gluten-Free Flour:

The food that I have missed the most so far is chocolate chip cookies. So I decided to go get some gluten-free flour to make some cookies. I bought the “King Arthur Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour ” from cashwise. Now, gluten-free flour is very expensive, which

Gluten-Free flour very expensive. (Emilie Houge)

was very unfortunate but I had to do what I had to do to make my cookies. When making the cookies, you make them the exact same as any recipe. I did try the dough (although you should never eat raw dough), and you could taste the flour in the dough as it was more grainy. When the cookies were done though, they tasted just like normal cookies. However, they do not necessarily look like normal cookies. Since there is no gluten, the cookies can easily fall apart when they are still warm and they spread out significantly more. Getting them off the tray was pretty hard. In fact, a lot of the cookies fell apart due to the no gluten issue. I still think they tasted delicious though and I was able to satisfy my chocolate chip cookie withdrawal.

Some cookies stayed in tact, whereas some fell apart because there is no gluten in them. (Emilie Houge)

The “King Arthur Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour” can be found at Cashwise for $7.79. Again, spendy compared to regular all-purpose flour, as “Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour” is $3.29 at Cashwise.

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