Day in the life of a journalist

Journalists are one important part to a democracy.

Photo via Unsplash by Thomas Charters under the Creative Commons License

Journalists are one important part to a democracy.

I’m obsessed with writing anything and everything, I love telling the truth and standing up to things that no one talks about. I’ve been wanting to be a journalist for many years, even more now that I have researched and grown and learned more about this occupation.

Typically, a journalist will start their morning early. They go into work and finalize a print edition with a team of editors to correct any mistakes or choose what pages go where. After they finish a print, they will be on the lookout for their next article topic.

Now journalists are very hard workers when it comes to looking for topics to write about. As soon as something happens, like a crime for example, many journalists want to be at that scene as soon as possible so that they get their full scoop. Along with regular journalists, there are what’s called a broadcast journalist that goes in front of the camera and tells the breaking news to the public.

Now the rest of their time is spent writing, creating, interviewing…whatever the journalist has to do to create a masterpiece. One important part of their day is spending time and looking across all social medias to know the news for the day and what has been happening. Other journalists and editors may even sit down and talk about what they are currently working on also give other assignments to write about. Journalists often end their work day at around 5 or 6 but the hardworking ones know that their job is never over for the day. Depending on how far along you are with your article, the hours you put in in a single day could vary. Hours could go from 8 am to 6 pm somedays, or even 7 am to 4 pm.

Journalism is the first rough draft of history.”

— Philip L. Graham-Co Owner of The Washington Post

Besides the usual proofreading and correcting a piece about a dozen times, journalists will have long, deep conversations with their editors about what is current and what is trending, plus the newest topics to write another piece about.

A good journalist needs creativity, great social skills, integrity, courage, and the mind power to distinguish fact from emotion. A good journalist needs to keep their personal feelings unattached and focus on the facts of the piece. Regardless of the fact that that specific piece will be reread over and over again by proofreaders, it is still a good idea to be good at your grammar because bad grammar can mess with the meaning that they are trying to convey. You may not think so but good grammar means everything in the journalist world.

People might think that being a journalist is just sitting in an office all day typing on your keyboard. In reality, journalists will go far and wide to either find the right person to interview, visit a specific location or fact check.  It’s very fast paced and always on-the-go kind of job. However, the world thrives on journalism. Journalism keeps the world informed; they make sure that history does not go unreported. 

That is why journalism is important to me, that is why I feel that journalism is one of the most important jobs in the world; because without journalism, the world would go dark. No one would be shining a light on important things happening around the world.