Book Review: Words Of Radiance


Josiah Wolters

Cover art for the Words of Radiance

The war with the Parshendi on the Shattered Plains in Roshar is only growing more difficult. The Alethi continue to refuse to work together allowing the war to continue to go on without an end in sight. Many high princes have been killed by Szeth causing unrest with the other high princes making the kingdom weak. The Parshendi came up with a plan to end the war once and for all.

Parshendi talk in songs and rhythms that only they can understand. The Parshendi are also able to change their forms with each form having its own purpose. Workform is to do work and warform is used to fight. Whenever a Parshendi gains a new form they gain a new rhythm and song. 

Honor is dead. But I’ll see what I can do. If this goes poorly take care of my men”

— Kaladin

Kaladin and Adolin stand back to back in the arena fighting four shardbearers. (Josiah Wolters)

Kaladin and the men of bridge four are now all members of Dalinar’s honor guard. Kaladin is tasked with training the remaining bridgemen to fight, and figuring out how to use his radiant powers while dealing with the question of will his commanders be honorable, Dalinar continues to receive visions from the almighty and plans on uniting all of Roshar. He intends a unified assault on the Parshendi to end the war, Shallan who is betrothed to Dalinar’s son Adolin ventures to the shattered plains in hope of convincing the Alethi that the Parshmen are the voidbringers, and Szeth who is now tasked with assassinating Dalinar by order of Taravangian. Speak once again the ancient oaths, life before death, strength before weakness, and journey before destination. The Knights Radiant must stand again. To find out which Radiant you would be click here.

Audio Imagination taken from graphic audio book, Words of Radiance

The Words Of Radiance is the second book of the Stormlight Archive. Once again Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy writing continues to amaze. The investment in the characters only grows stronger as we watch them go through their challenges. It has the same writing style as the last book so once again readers may not like the different style of writing. This book is even longer than the one before it but it still doesn’t feel like a long book because you will be invested throughout the entire book. Once again the Words Of Radiance is a fantastic fantasy novel to read when looking to pass the time.

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