Is the Elf cleansing cloud really worth it?


Marco Verch from

Does the Elf cleansing cloud take off makeup than regular makeup remover?

Today I went to Target in search of a new notebook, instead of just a notebook I got an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and a new way to remove makeup. That new way to remove makeup is the Elf Cleansing Cloud which is a fluffy powder puff looking pad that removes a day of makeup with just water. If I am being honest I didn’t have the highest of hopes as I have had makeup on all day; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see the results. 

The back of the packaging states that all you need is water and the cleansing pad to take off your makeup, so that’s all I did. The pad didn’t need a lot of water to be effective. After around 30 seconds my makeup was gone. I didn’t need to apply a lot of pressure, and it was very soft against my skin.

The cleansing cloud in the packaging, it comes with two pads one in black, one in white. (Kaitlin Lessard)

In the end, I was happy with the results as it took off all of my makeup super easily, and quickly. I would recommend this product if you wear makeup however if you do not wear it, this is not needed. I would also recommend washing your face with an actual cleanser to make sure you get your face absolutely clean.

The Elf cleansing pad after using it to remove my makeup. (Kaitlin Lessard)