What would happen if The Queen died?

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, most commonly known as Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning over The United Kingdom For 70 years, since 1952. She has been Queen for such a long time, but what will happen when she dies?

Readers Digest describes the steps of what happens when a Queen dies.

The first thing that will happen is Operation “London Bridge” which is just a code that lets the government of the UK know what’s going on. The next thing that would happen is that the news would be all over TV, the internet, newspapers.

After the news gets out, the Westminster Abbey bells would go off which only happens during extremely solemn occasions such as this one, after that the country basically shuts down as they go through a 10 day mourning period.

During this time, flags get lowered, businesses, theaters, sporting events will close or postpone to get through this time for mourning over the longest reigning queen. Before the 10 days of mourning start, right when The Queen dies, the new monarch will be sworn in. The next monarch to rule would be Prince Charles. The coronation however will happen after the mourning period so there is time to remember the once Queen.

After the 10 days, the funeral will happen. This can be viewed by all, as it is broadcasted on TV for the world to view and remember Queen Elizabeth II.