Witches are here in the modern-day world

Did you know in the modern-day world there are different types of witches? They range from different types of magic, to different types of spells, to different types of divination, but the first category is how you practice.

Wicca witch – Modern day paganism that honors both male and female deities, tends to encompass the following types of witches, seen as a religion in the US and Canada

Dianic witch – Branch off of Wicca, honors only female deities

Augury witch – Interprets omens, signs, and symbols for others

Celtic witch – Studies and worships celtic deities and magic

Eclectic pagan witch – Embraces all different types of magic and traditions to create a personnel form of witchcraft

Plants and herbs can be used in witchcraft. (Christina Binder)

Faery witch – Based on British, Irish, or Celtic folklore and works with fairies

Green Witch – Magic based on gardening and herbalism

Hearth witch – Focuses their magic on their home, invites nature and peace

Hedge witch РA solitary practitioner and a herbalist

Hereditary witch – Born into witchcraft, includes family traditions, spells, and knowledge that others may not have

Lunar witch – Works with the moon and its cycles

Norse witch – Based off of Scandanavias Norse witches, magic related to both the telling and shaping of the future

Sea witch – Practices with water based magic

Secular witch – Does not worship deities

Shaman witch – Interacts with the spirit world through an altered state of consciousness, such as a trance

Astrology is a used in witchcraft (Christina Binder)


Cosmic witch – Looks to the cosmos, uses astrology and astronomy

Kitchen witch – Uses their magic in their cooking and food

Divination witch – Uses tarot cards, passeography, pendulums, runesk and palmistry to determine the future

Nocturnal witch – Uses the energies of the night for their magic

Elemental witch – Uses the different elements in their magic

The list probably goes on but there are some different types of witches and what they do. You can be more than one of those types of witches listed above. Wicca is not a set to a specific way of doing things. You can form your own way of being a witch and learn more as you go to incorporate different methods and techniques. No one does it the same. A lot of what witches use are nature and some sort of spirituality.

For fun this quiz will tell you what kind of witch you are based off of your answers.

It doesn’t take much to be considered a witch and it doesn’t take much to actually be one either.¬†