Wanda Vison may be coming to an end, but our curiosity never will: Spoilers Ahead!


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The truth is revealed as Wanda Vision comes to an end.

Spoilers ahead!

This is it, folks. Friday, March 5 was Wanda Vision’s final episode until further notice. I have been watching this show since the beginning, and I think it is fair to say that many questions still need to be answered.

Last week’s episode ended on quite the cliffhanger.

In episode 8, it is revealed that Agnes Harkness, our new villain, was actually a witch during the Salem Witch trials, which is how she has powers of her own. She was about to be put to death by her own coven for dabbling in the art of dark magic, however, she uses their own magic against them to suck the life right out of them.

Agatha countering her own Mother’s death curse (Fair use photo from epicstream.com )

Throughout this episode, Agatha takes Wanda on a journey through her past traumas: when her parents died, how she got her powers, losing vision, and how she created the 50s sitcom world she is living in now. This is all because, although Agatha has been manipulating what goes on inside the world, it is Wanda who created this new life.

Agnes is ever so intrigued with how Wanda did this, since it seems nearly impossible.  Using her background knowledge on witchcraft and dark magic, Agatha realizes that Wanda possesses chaos magic, something that WandaVision has yet to explain.  We also hear Agatha use Wanda’s alias ‘Scarlet Witch’ for the first time in the Marvel universe.

This is where the episode ends.

Episode nine starts us off right where episode eight left us, with Agatha having a monologue while strangling Wanda’s twin boys. Wanda gets the boys away from Agatha and then prepares to fight Agatha with all her might.  It is also revealed that Agatha’s motive is to gain Wanda’s powers for herself since Wanda is a powerful myth in the world of witches.

Agatha now, makes Wanda face what she has done to the residents of WestView. She frees them of Wanda’s mental manipulation and they beg for Wanda to release them like the helpless prisoners they really are.

Your grief is poisoning us.”

— Abilash Tandon, character from the show

When you sleep, we have your nightmares.”

— Resident in WestView

We feel your pain.”

— Resident in WestView

Agatha does this to try and “break Wanda’s spirit so she’ll surrender her powers to the evil witch.”

This is where many found this episode to be a little disappointing. Many wish that a “Agatha’s motivations were more complex than simply craving power for power’s sake.” She seems like just a wicked witch rather than an evil villain.  However, the final battle between Agatha and Wanda and White Vision and Vision is what satisfied most viewers. Especially when Wanda emerged into her true self as the Scarlet Witch.  Similar to any great movie, there is a moment where it seems as though all is lost; the villain has won and the hero admits defeat. But from the ashes the hero rises and defeats their adversary.

Wanda has seemed to have matured a lot since her mistakes in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War when she makes a proactive choice when Agatha offers her a bargain:

Power isn’t your problem. It’s knowledge. Give me your power and I’ll correct the flaws in your original spell. No one will ever have to feel this pain again.”

— Agatha Harkness

Wanda can see right through her lies and she turns the tables on her; hurling all her power at her. Agatha absorbs it all thinking that she won, but if we go back to episode eight where Agatha explains that runes are a way for someone to block someone else’s powers, Wanda uses this against her.

In the end, Wanda ultimately ends up absorbing her own powers and Agatha’s once again and becomes the Scarlet Witch for the first time.

Wanda Maximoff: The Scarlet Witch (Fair use photo from wallpaperswide.com)

The goodbyes between Wanda and her family will bring you to tears but also satisfaction as the residents of WestView and Wanda will be freed from her grief.

This episode did end on quite as big a cliffhanger but did leave room for more. In the final scene, we see Wanda in her new home alone up in the mountains studying “the book of the dammed,” a book filled with witch lore and spells, obsessively. This could potentially lead into another Doctor Strange movie, because who else would Wanda learn how to use her powers from or potentially more episodes of Wanda Vision.

Scarlet Witch studying “the book of the dammed” while in a celestial plain. (Fair use photo from gadgets.ndtv.com)

All episodes of Wanda Vision are available to stream on Disney+ .