President promises enough vaccines by May


"Syringe and Vaccine" by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

U.S. is expected to have enough vaccines by May

The U.S. is expecting to have enough COVID 19 vaccines for every adult by the end of May, President Joe Biden has said. 

This timeline is two months earlier than previously indicated. However, the President has stated that the vaccine drive must be extended as well and that people need to be convinced to take it. 

He further warns Americans to “remain vigilant” with new strains of the disease appearing in the United States. 

The President’s new timeline does not mean that every adult will be vaccinated by the end of May. Simply that they will have adequate supplies of the vaccine, actual inoculations will take longer to administer.

In total, around 76 million vaccines have already been administered which covers 15.3% of the population. 

Recently the President has announced that the company Merck would now be helping Johnson and Johnson to produce its newly approved vaccine which only requires one dose. There are now three CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccines available to the public.