The best thing you may ever eat


Luka Alexenko

The Big Porker is packed with bbq goodness.

Noodles & Company can be the single greatest custom food experience you may ever have. Having worked there for 2 years; you see it all. Everything from just plain noodles to orders that take up an entire receipt with modifications. Eventually, it starts to get to you, you start to get curious. Maybe you’ll swap some noodle types around or mix up the meats, but one day you’ll get bold and make something entirely your own. What my friends and I came up with might single-handedly be the best (or worst) thing you will ever eat: “The Big Porker”. The Big Porker is essentially a combination of two different mac and cheeses already on the menu, the Buffalo and the BBQ pork, but with an extra twist. Here is the recipe 


  1. Order a BBQ Pork Mac. (This is the base of the Big Porker and should be revered.)
  2. Order a side of Korean BBQ sauce. (there is a chance that they might not do it but if you can get them to saute the sauce AND the pork together it is totally worth it.)
  3. Order Bacon on it. (this part is optional.)
  4. Order Parmesan Cheese, Buffalo Sauce, and Green Onions.
  5. Laugh at the shock of the cashier.
  6. Enjoy the fruits of your knowledge. 


The ONLY downside is this single dish is going to run you like 15-20 dollars but I assure you the flavor more than makes up for the price tag. The Korean BBQ sauce brings a nice sweetness to the dish that goes wonderfully with the natural flavors of the pork and the gooeyness of the cheese. The green onions add a nice freshness that helps to break up the richness. The buffalo sauce brings a nice heat and the parmesan adds a nice bite too.  The bacon simply adds more porky goodness. What’s wrong with that?