Sartell dance team wins conference title


Jessica Moore

The Sartell dance team gets first place with their jazz dance ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

On January 20th, the Sartell Dance Team takes home the Central Lakes Conference champion title for the 7th consecutive year at Sauk Rapids.

 The kick competition provided for a tight battle between Sartell and Brainerd. Sartell took home the win with a rank point of 4, beating Brainerd who earned a rank point of 5. The two were separated by a single point. Sartell took a stronger lead with an electric performance in the jazz competition. Sartell won the jazz category with a rank point of 3, while Brainerd took home a second place finish with a rank point of 6. The combined scores from the first CLC meet and the CLC championship meet awarded Sartell the conference championship title.

Sartell kick team wins with their Jlo themed dance. (Jessica Moore)

After missing the first CLC competition due to an unfortunate quarantine, Sartell’s JV team joins the varsity in taking home first in both kick and jazz over a second place Brainerd team. Sartell earned a rank point of 4 with their fun flapper themed kick, and Brainerd finished with a rank point of 5. Sartell JV also earned a first place finish in jazz with an emotional performance to the song entitled ‘I don’t think about you.’  Although Sartell’s JV put on show stopping performances, the JV kick team experienced an injury during their first performance. The team competed the dance again later in the competition, unfortunately without their injured teammate. This was their last performance for the season as the varsity goes into sections. The JV team faced its fair share of adversity throughout the season, but despite the challenges, went undefeated the entire season.   

Sartell Dance team shows off their jazz dance at CLC meet. (Jessica Moore)

 Sartell JV captain, Grace Hartwig, reflects on the success of her team this season,

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I think the main attribute to our success is being accountable to push yourself at every practice even if we are on zoom. It really means a lot to me how successful we were this season because it just showed that we were able to rise up to the challenges that were thrown at us!”

— Grace Hartwig

Many of the teams in the CLC will compete again this Saturday at the sections meet in hopes to advance to the state tournament. The competition will take place on Sartell’s home floor on February 27th. The top three teams will advance to the state tournament, which will be held at Edina high school. 



Sophomore Alexis Decker shares her thoughts on her mindset going into sections,

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My mindset is to be consistent and accountable. Coming off a win is very exciting and I am focusing that energy at practice and for our performances this weekend!”

— Alexis Decker