Taking a gap year might be the best decision of your life! (Photo via Robert Couse-Baker under the Creative Commons License)
Taking a gap year might be the best decision of your life!

Photo via Robert Couse-Baker under the Creative Commons License

Take that gap year and adventure

March 4, 2021

With people who always have a busy schedule, taking a gap year doesn’t just mean getting away from your daily stress. There are many healthy reasons why taking a gap year is a good idea for anyone.

Reason #1

Taking a gap year can help you find yourself. Imagine that you are straight out of high school, you still don’t know what you want to do or where you want to go. Travel around, look at other cultures, try new things, check things off your bucket list. Hopefully, you will find clarity for yourself, inspiration, optimism…I mean the possibilities are endless. I say hopefully because I know that traveling to ‘find yourself’ doesn’t work for everyone. But what’s the harm? You still have that experience of going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

With adventure comes learning, and with learning comes knowledge, and knowledge brings with it the realization of how much there is to know and the vastness of what cannot be known.”

— Sophia Youngdahl, #gapyearalum

Reason #2

If I’m completely honest, it seems to me fresh-out-of-school kids are tired and mentally exhausted from the four years of high school. There are tons of people that just don’t go to college in the fall after they graduate, one of them being me. For me, I’ve been stressed and overly emotional during my senior year. Thinking about graduating makes me sad because high school is all I’ve known for four years. However, I’m mentally tired with school. It’s been nonstop every year for 12 years and for me personally, not going to school the September after I graduate will feel great. After that one year, or maybe more, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to school and work that job that you’ve always dreamed of.


Reason #3

Now, traveling around doesn’t just make you experience things. Depending on what you do, whether you’re interning in another country or you took a class for a different language, learning new things could help you become more employable. It would look good on your resume that you are now skilled in things that you would’ve never known if you didn’t take that gap year.

Reason #4

Based on the hypothesis that you even have enough money to travel somewhere, taking care of your money while you’re out and about is good money responsibility. Having the urge to blow your money on things that you don’t need, keeping track of it, writing everything down, all of these are examples that you know how to take care of your money. Real-life experience is the best way to learn.

Reason #5

Taking a gap year somewhere out of the U.S. can help you see how other religions and cultures do things. Their way of doing things, their traditions, and you get to experience that. Wouldn’t it be so fun to be emersed in cultural traditions different from what you’ve always known? Just think of all that you’d learn!

gap year(gæp jɪr): noun – an amazing way to win at life; a period – often before, during or after university – in which a person takes time off to travel the world, learn languages, work, volunteer, or intern.”

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