Book Review: The Way Of The Kings



The Way Of The Kings By Brandon Sanderson

The Alethi have been at war with the Parshendi for five years on the Shattered Plains, after the assassination of Dalinar’s brother Gavilar. The Alethi are split into two factions with the Alethi light eyes being higher up on the social hierarchy and the dark eyed Alethi being lower on the social hierarchy. The Parshendi are split into two factions with the Parshendi being warriors and the Parshmen being Slaves.

Kaladin inhaling stormlight (Josiah Wolters)
Shardblade and Shardplate (Josiah Wolters)

Magic of the world functions off of stormlight. Light that is given off by the storm and held in spheres used for currency. There are two items that kingdoms will fight over are shardblades and shardplate. Shardblades are weapons that take 10 heartbeats to summon and nearly unstoppable swords. Shardplate gives the person more armor than any kind of armor and gives the wearer increased physical abilities. 

Kaladin, a doctor who became a soldier is now branded deserter of the army and becomes broken but eventually gets reborn. Dalinar the new king’s uncle has visions during highstorms telling him what he must do as his thirst for battle wanes, Shallan who dreams of becoming a scribe must steal a precious item from a famous noble Jasnah, and Szeth an assassin who weeps as he kills. 

To Kaladin: What you saw belongs to you. A story doesn’t live until it is imagined in someone’s mind.”

— Hoid/Wit

The Way Of The Kings written by Brandon Sanderson is the first book in a series of 10 with the first five books taking place in one time and the next five taking place in another. The first four books are out now. They are The Way of The Kings, The Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, and The Rhythms Of War

I think that Brandon Sanderson is a fantastic fantasy writer rivaling George R. R. Martin, Tolkien. The stories of each of the main characters keep you hooked and wanting to read more as it jumps from character to character.

Some people might not like the writing style of jumping between different characters and having interludes between parts. While it is a long book, it doesn’t feel like a long book while reading it because the entire book keeps the reader engaged.

Overall The Way Of The Kings is a great read for those willing to read a longer fantasy book.

Spoilers for those who haven’t read