Students hit the snowmobile trails this winter


"Snowmobiles" by timo_w2s is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

snowmobiling is a great winter past time

 Minnesota has many snowmobile pit stops and trails that make for a fun weekend. 

A great trail in Minnesota is called the 70 mile Hinckley Trail. It is groomed in the winter time and extends between the cities of Hinckley, Willow River, Moose Lake, Barnum, Carlton, and Duluth. The trail passes near Banning State Park, through Finlayson, Willow River and General C.C. 

The Duluth segment of this trail is called the Willard Munger State TrailThis trail includes long groomed trails that go to lake Superior with beautiful views.

Another trail is The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail.  It is a 146 mile natural surface trail from Duluth to Grand Marais. The trail runs through St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota, winding its way through the forests on the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior. The trail provides access to some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in Minnesota. In winter, the trail connects with hundreds of miles of snowmobile club trails and many communities in the area. 

For the type of riders that love the vintage sleds they have a club for you in Isle. The club is called Mille Lacs drift skippers. It has a five star review and great long groomed trails to ride on all day.

Sartell student, Aiden Kockler and Sartell alum, Devin Buzzard enjoy their time on their vintage sleds. (Austin Frauenholtz)


Aiden Kockler is on the trail with his friends, having a fun weekend adventure. (Austin Frauenholtz)


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