SHS students have hefty work schedule each week


Maliah Nemeth

Maliah Nemeth working at Jupiter Moon Ice Cream on Halloween.

Being a high school student is a little challenging and stressful with having to manage school, family time, time with friends, and a job. Sartell High School students answered a poll question about the average number of hours they work each week. 

In the survey, we asked students where they work, the average amount of hours each week, and when they work the most of their shifts. The top answer was seven days a week. 

Ella Doeden working at Knotty Paws. (Ella Doeden)


This is Ella Doeden, grade 12, who works at Knotty Paws. She likes that she gets to play with the dogs at work. On average Ella works 11-20 hours during the week. Her shifts are normally Monday – Friday.


Christa Weide grade 12 works at Caribou in St. Joseph. She normally works weekends and about 11-20 hours a week. She really likes making all of the different drinks for everyone. A work story that she has is when she and her co-worker were trying all of the drinks, and some of the drinks have this energy syrup in them. So she and her co-worker wanted to know why the drinks that had this syrup didn’t taste very good, so they decided to try this syrup, and the bottom line is that the energy syrup is the most disgusting thing she has ever tasted on this earth. 




Dylan KB, Luka A., and Sage P. all having fun at Noodles and Co. (Dylan Krenz-Bertrand)

Dylan Krenz-Bertrand, Luka Alexenko, and Sage Penny, all Sartell seniors, work at Noodles and Company together. Dylan works on average 11-20 hours per week. He likes his job because of the people he works with. Luka works on average 7-10 hours on the weekends. His favorite part of working at Noodles is the free food.

When the Poll questions were analyzed, it was found that a large chunk of high school students work at Coborn’s. Charlie Monson grade 12 works at Coborn’s, and she works 7-10 hours on the weekends. She likes working at Coborn’s because of the people that she works with, and they make it really fun. She also shared a story from work about a time last summer when her co-worker had to go clean up a broken pickle jar that someone dropped in the parking lot. She also had another story that was really fitting for the first day of October. She shared, “On the first day of October we had a power outage and all my co-workers and I just chilled inside the store and decorated for Halloween (me and my co-worker Amber were convinced a ghost tossed bagels off the shelves).”



How many hours high school students work graph (Maliah Nemeth )



The majority of students work anywhere from 11-20 hours a week.





When students normally work. (Maliah Nemeth)



This graph shows when Sartell students work throughout the week. The majority say they work, on average, 7 days a week.




As you can see, high school students are busy and have a lot going on while trying to manage school and work.