Dozens killed in brutal rebel attack in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


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The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been facing even more recent violent acts.

A total of forty-six people, all of which hailing from the ethnic pygmy group, were killed on Wednesday by who are suspected to be a rebel group.

In an act of brutal violence, a suspected rebel attacked and shot a large group of ethnic pygmies on Wednesday, and in even more violent fashion, decapitated several of them as well. The attack took place in Ambedi, a village in the Irumu territory. 

Shortly after knowledge of the attack was passed on to authorities, armed enforcement was sent to investigate the attack and its aftermath. Since having taken credit for violent attacks in the Congo a number of times in the past, the armed group ISIS is currently suspected as being the culprit of the shooting.

Unfortunately for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this attack was not the first in the past several years, as numerous other incidents involving rebel assaults have taken place within the past few years.