Democrats make an attempt at 2nd impeachment


photo via under the creative commons license

The US House of Representatives floor is where Trump’s second impeachment was decided.

Democrats are moving to impeach Trump just days before Biden is inaugurated. Many Congress members are urging Democrat leaders to ignore Trump and focus on other major issues instead. 

House Speaker Pelosi has asked Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment removing Trump from office. According to an ABC News article, in a letter to her caucus, Pelosi explained, “We are calling on the Vice President to respond in 24 hours,” referring to the 25th amendment. 

On Monday, Sen. Rick Scott explained on Fox & Friends that if Democrats want to help the country, they should focus on the American people instead of another impeachment. 

On Wednesday the House voted to impeach Trump.  The vote was 232-197 with 10 Republicans joining the Democrats. Trump is the first President to be impeached twice in US history.