Vegan Burger Recipe

A similar image of the vegan burger we usually make

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A similar image of the vegan burger we usually make

When my sister and I are hungry, we typically spend our free time making our favorite vegetarian recipes. For example, this Vegan Burger is perfect for people who don’t eat meat, or just really like beans. It’s pretty simple to make and shouldn’t take too much of your time, you just can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. A little info about the ingredients, most of them come from the pantry, and you won’t need eggs which makes it extra simple especially for one of those lazy days.

I prefer the food processor if you have one because it holds the burger together better.”

— Madisyn Claseman



The base of the burger:

Black beans 

Walnuts or any type of nut (optional)

Old fashioned rolled oats

Most of the taste:


Any spices you like

 Soy sauce

Red wine vinegar

Maple syrup

Green onion

raw vegan burger we are cooking in a skillet on the stove, our preferred method (morgan claseman)

And now onto finally preparing and getting the food together to cook. If you prefer to, you can dry your beans out just a little more by putting them in the oven for 20 minutes, but that is completely optional. We rarely do it. and You can make your burgers one of two ways. You could either mix these ingredients in a bowl by hand or you could use a food processor. We personally use a food processor just to make the process a little easier and quicker but both ways work just fine. I will explain how we do it by hand in case that is the way you prefer to do it. 

madisyn is flipping the burger halfway though to make it golden brown on each side (morgan claseman)

By hand:

  1. Mix the garlic and green onion 
  2. Leave the oats whole but mash up the beans with a fork


With these burgers you can cook them in multiple ways which is really nice because of the variety of ways people like their burgers. There’s the option of cooking it in a skillet on a stove, baking them in the oven, or grilling them. I find it easiest to cook them on a skillet just because it’s winter time and we don’t want to go out and grill. The skillet and grill make them taste pretty similar. 



First mash the oats and beans together as mentioned before^

Add your spices and the rest of the other ingredients

Combine into a patty/burger shape whatever size you prefer

Put them on your skillet with a little bitter or oil in the pan

Keep the heat at medium low and cook slowly

Flip once the patty is golden brown and a bit crunchy

Enjoy 🙂

the finished product where the burger is vegan until we added cheese to it (morgan claseman)