The LeSabre asks ‘What’s the best Pop Tart flavors’



The battle of the poptart flavors is on.

Kids these days are always on the go and sometimes don’t have the time to sit down and eat before they go to practice or before they head off to school.  That’s why Pop Tarts are an amazing way to satisfy one’s hunger. The taste testers for this little experiment will be my little brother O- and my little sister A-. 

Some of the kinds that we will be testing are s’mores, strawberry, & cookies and cream. 

For each one my brother and sister will be given a pop tart and asked to rank it from one to ten.  Then they will be asked why they think that and compare it to the other kinds of pop tarts. Thus a champion will be crowded, and you will know what kind of pop tart to get them the next time you’re in the store and you need a snack for them. 

S’Mores Poptart is looking very tough to beat. (Garrett Maras)

S’mores 8/10 for A- and the same for O-. They like how it tastes almost exactly how a s’more tastes, but they think it lacks in marshmallow flavor.  They also said there was too much chocolate. 

Strawberry 6/10 for A- and 7/10 for O-. A- said the only reason she likes it is because strawberries are her favorite fruit. O- said it was good but he prefers chocolate over fruit. 

Will the Cookies and Cream pop-tart prevail. (Garrett Maras )

Cookies and Cream 9/10 for A- and 8/10 for O-. A- loved it because it taste like an oreo and cookie dough. O- liked it because he said it tasted like the ice cream without the cold. 

In the end the best one was cookies and cream for A- and s’mores for O-. I also tried them and I think the cookies and cream is the best because it has a good balance of flavor and the s’mores is just too powerful in chocolate. I also thought that the cookies and cream was just smooth and would be my go too. Strawberry is just kinda boring.  All it is, is strawberry filling with frosting. It’s just so plain and boring it would be better if there was some way to spice it up.