Covid-19: second dose no shows


Nolan Hemmesch

Getting the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is of the utmost importance! Do not skip it!!

In the past week, Covid-19 cases have been on a climb and have nearly doubled but there is still a chance to fight this vicious virus: with a vaccine. 

Unfortunately for many, the main way to fend of the virus is by the Covid-19 vaccine itself but in the past days, the vaccine has taken a turn. No, it’s not some crazy side effect to blame, it’s instead the people receiving their vaccines.

In the past week, a study came out that stated roughly 30% of people to get their first vaccine never showed up for their second. Although to many simply missing the second dose may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually the opposite. With the high amount of no-shows for their second vaccine, the world has taken a minor step back in receiving the proper care. The largest step back in this though has come from a large amount of second-dose skippers.

These skippers have cause thousands of vaccines to be thrown away due to the vaccine warming up to room temperature allowing the covid strain to become full strength. Although many have skipped, there is still hope that soon anyone who wants to will be able to receive the vaccine and the world can say goodbye to mask and social distancing.

Just remember if you know anyone who needs the second dose of their vaccine please remind them before the 28 days is up.