Upwards of 20 people killed in Yemen Airport in wake of attack

To show where the attack took place by association to the country
The flag of Yemen, which has instituted a new government and cabinet (Khalid Albaih is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Coinciding with the installation of a new government in Yemen, an attack took place at Aden Airport in Yemen on Wednesday, the 31st of December. 

The attack came in the form of a bombing that reportedly took the lives of at least 22 people, according to Yemen spokesperson, Rajeh Badi. As of yet, the bombers themselves are unidentified, but have been tied to the Houthi Militia for affiliations.

The attack has been labeled a show of force by the rebels, as many people were gathered at the airport to welcome the new government of Yemen to the country as they were sworn in the previous week to take charge of the country and begin a new era in Yemenian politics and jurisdiction. 

No cabinet members of this new government were reported to have suffered injuries as a result of the attack. The formation of the new government was meant to be a step toward ending the long-running civil war within Yemen, but this most recent attack has sent a different message.