As new health crisis looms, the UK readies field hospitals for patients


SALTBONES, Olav A./R¯de Kors

Field hospital workers doing their duty in a field hospital

Rendition of COVID-19 in its purest form in concept
(danielfoster437 is licensed under CC BY-NC SA 2.0)

With cases of Covid cases on the rapid rise in the past month, the United Kingdom is readying precautionary measures, including the opening of emergency field hospitals. 

With the emergence of new, even more contagious strains of Covid-19 emerging throughout the United Kingdom, orders have been issued to UK health workers to prepare seven new emergency field hospitals. The orders were issued on December 23, and were worded as “Get services ready to use.”


This most recent Saturday contained far and away the most new cases in a single day for the UK, as well as the most deaths, at 55,725 and 445 respectively. WIth healthcare workers already spread thin throughout the nation, there are questions as to the ability of these field hospitals being able to sustain consistent service.

To bolster the efforts to contain the virus, the UK government has deployed roughly 5,000 personnel to assist with the relief efforts and management of patients.