2020 Ice Skating in Sartell


Charlie Kent

Younger kids play a game of pondy in boots.

Has covid 19 kept you inside wondering what would be an amazing activity to do during the holidays? Well, the 2020 pondy and ice skating season is off to a great start in Sartell, Minnesota with many people out skating all over. Ice is becoming safer each and every day making it to be a great time for family and friends to get outside and enjoy themselves. 

Celebration pond located on the west side of Sartell, Minnesota is a good spot for kids and adults to skate at. There are many different rinks cleared off with nets out there for kids to get a good game of pond hockey going. Many kids are seen each day out there always wanting to play a friendly pickup game of hockey.  There are also areas cleared off for people to just be able to skate on and sharpen their skills. Ice at Celebration is very safe as well as good ice to skate on except the few bumps and cracks in the ice.

lThere are many other ponds located throughout Sartell that are also good to skate on. Another one in particular is located in the Wilds neighborhood not very far from Celebration pond. This pond also includes two areas cleared off for people to skate on. One area includes nets for a game of hockey to be played while the other area is open for people to just skate on. 

The 2020 pondy season is off to a good start in Sartell. Cold temperatures have brought good ice making ponds safe to skate on for the community. Ponds are located all over Sartell for friends and family to skate on. Pondy is a good time to meet new people and have fun with people you already know.  Get out there and have a safe and fun time on the Ice!