Time to start your New Year resolution


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The new year is coming up and that’s a good time to make your resolutions.

The new year is near, and with the holidays coming up, people are reevaluating some of their life choices. In my opinion, New Year resolutions are a great opportunity for those who want to make a change. No more “I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month”! It’s time to hop on it now, and December 31st is the perfect opportunity.

Sit down and make a list of the lifestyle changes you want to make! Here is a little inspiration for you, and some tips to make it happen. Unfortunately a huge majority of people fail to stick with their resolution, so you will need all the help you can get.

  1. Start eating healthier: Changing your diet is a huge challenge especially during the holidays and when junk food is cheaper and more accessible. With good determination you can slowly develop healthier eating habits.
  2. Procrastination: I can admit this is one of my biggest barriers that keeps me from being productive. Instead of working hard and getting projects done, many people would rather choose relaxing or finding something fun to do. Procrastination is a bad habit, but there are some great tips out there to help you to break the habit.
  3. Meet new people: Especially now in a pandemic, we usually get stuck staying at home or choose to miss out on opportunities to get out and have some fun. This is usually caused by shyness or being nervous to get out of your box and meet new people. Don’t fear it, and step out on a limb; I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

    Live everyday with confidence and It will change your life. (screenshot from inc.com)
  4. Be confident: Confidence is something everyone notices, and it is a great trait to have. If you want your opinions to be heard, confidence is key. You will be able to lead a much happier life overall, here is some tips to boost that confidence.
  5. Get in shape: To “get in shape” is the top goal for people everywhere. It may be easy enough to exercise but consistency is key. Along with a healthy diet, you can see results. You may also want to be clear with yourself about what results you want to see.  It might not be a number on the scale, but could be muscle tone or eating more vegetables during the day.  Take a look at these tricks and tips to succeed.
  6. Reduce stress: Stress has a huge effect on not only you but your relationship with people and life. Something you can easily manage with a little bit of guiding, check out these guides to reduce your stress.
  7. Learn to live your life happily: You may be in shape, have loyal friends, and have no stress but happiness is just as important. This can take time to achieve, but in the end it is seriously worth it. Find joy in the little things in life, and live your best life!
  8. Quality Sleep: Every night too should be getting eight or more hours of sleep. It can be difficult with TVs, phones, tablets, etc. Make it a habit and turn off the screen at least 30 minutes before bed to let your mind rest.
  9. Start saving money: Whether you are in debt right now or not, get it under control and start putting money to the side. That extra money will add up quickly and could be saved for a rainy day. There are great apps and hacks to save your money efficiently.
  10. Start new hobbies: There’s not fun in sitting around all day when there is nothing to do. Use your free time to learn a new skill or start practicing something new. Go check out Danielle Giguere’s article on starting new hobbies, she can back me up on why it is a game changer!


There you have it- a quick list of simple but life changing resolutions for you to consider. Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!