A battle between bloods…


Christa Weide

Follow Mare along her journey of finding about herself, while also dealing with the struggles of an unfair world.

In a world divided, there are only two classes. Those with red blood, who toil away, working until the sun sets, just like any other ordinary person. Then there are the silver bloods, those with powers beyond anyone’s imagination, who live in high class areas, not worried about where their next meal is going to come from.

I have to hide her, the scared girl; I have to smile and dance and look like one of them. ”

— Mare Barrow

Mare, whose blood runs red, steals whatever she can to support her family, and when her best friend is drafted for the army, she realizes she has to do whatever it takes to get him his freedom. As she is trying to achieve this, it leads her into the belly of the beast, the royal palace itself. What will happen when Mare finds out she has the powers that only the silver possess, without being silver?

What color does your blood run? (Christa Weide )

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is just the first one in the four book series. This story follows Mare, who figures out she has a secret weapon that the royal family doesn’t want anyone else to find out about. This book does a great job in showing how this world is so much different from our own, and this world isn’t necessarily that different from our own, but the society that was built was done in such an amazing way, that it really felt different.

This book also has great plot twists, and you never really know who you could trust, which gave it a really fun and interesting aspect that kept me wanting to read more. For a dystopian-fantasy-esk book, it really does the job of balancing action with story-building , but also having that little romance mixed in.

Christa Weide

The one down-fall of this story is that there is a love triangle. Now I am not against love, but I am against having three people in a love triangle, there is no reason for it, except to have unneeded drama. Also in the span of the main character knowing the other two guys, no one should be in love, maybe some interest, but we really didn’t need to have to deal with a “who will she choose” plot in the book.

Other than that there isn’t anything that I remember sticking out to me personally, so if you don’t mind that, then this will be a great read. Now Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is a novel with many twists and turns, encaptured by the action and drama that goes on in Mare’s life.

This book is good for literally anyone that likes to read because it hits almost all of the reader’s essentials for a good book. If you want to check it out for yourself then it can be found here, and have fun enjoying this new world of Mare Barrow.