Chipotle: Sartell’s perfect order


fair use photo from Chipotle website

Though Chipotle is a fan favorite, Gilberto’s and Bravo Burritos (both local food places) were also right up there for great food.

When you think of Chipotle, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Your order, of course!

Well, on second thought, it was maybe how much you love their food, but hey, I was pretty close.

As many of you know, SHS has a lot of people in it who are frequent flyers at Chipotle. I believe that it’s time to know what all the hype is about and break down Sartell’s go-to order. The LeSabre put out a survey to see what you love at Chipotle and a solid 122 of you took the time to give us some data of this all-important issue. 

With so many options, it’s hard to believe how similar many student orders are the same or even one item off. When it comes to making a Chipotle order there are five major steps to creating your masterpiece. The first step is choosing if you want a burrito or bowl and to my surprise, Sartell was relatively split. Roughly 41% of Sartell students chose a burrito while the other 55% chose the low carb bowl option.

Now after choosing the way your masterpiece will be made, you need to choose what is in it. In the next step of the process, you will be choosing your meat or veggies depending on your preference. In a very surprising way, many Sartell students chose the same meat; chicken came in at roughly 56% with a landslide victory. The second closest was steak, coming in at 24%.

In the next step, you can choose to have rice and beans and to no surprise, white rice takes the crown with 73% of the votes. The beans on the other hand had a very tight race with black beans wining with only 55%.

In the final step, you get to choose veggies and salsas to finish off your beautiful order, and to be honest we have a very diverse selection. The most common options though being guacamole, corn salsa, tomato salsa,  sour cream, lettuce, and cheese.

So with all this information, hopefully you can create the perfect burrito or bowl for a friend who refuses to try Chipotle or even for someone who loves it. Although many believe Chipotle may be the best restaurant where you can make your own burrito or bowl some students believe it shouldn’t take the crown. I will not be using names but we had multiple students claim Gilberto’s and Bravo Burrito are better.

In all honesty, we need to know at the end of the day everybody has their own preference, and no matter what you order we all have one thing in common: we love to make our own unique creation no matter how weird others may think it is.