Victoria Garrick: a body positivity activist and former D1 volleyball player


Screenshot from @victoriagarrcik on Instagram

Victoria Garrick shows on her Instagram that what people see online can be forced and everyone’s body is unique.

Victoria Garrick is a 23 year old woman who played division 1 volleyball at the University of South Carolina and is now a mental health and body positivity activist. Garrick uses social media as a way to speak out about body positivity, mental health struggles, and eating disorders.

The girl that you’re comparing yourself to is also comparing herself to someone else. If we’re all trying to be the other girl…who’s gonna be you?”

— Victoria Garrick

In 2015 Garrick started her journey as a collegiate athlete as the libero for the USC volleyball team. Garrick speaks out about a lot of the struggles she had as a student-athlete. During Garrick’s four years as a student athlete, she struggled with her body image (a lot of times while on the court) and feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed because of all the pressure.

Garrick opens up a lot about her body image issues. She shares stories about how she has overcome body image issues and recovered from an eating disorder. Garrick enjoys tweeting positive words that helped her through her recovery, posting pictures on Instagram many can relate to, and also posting Tik Toks about sports and body image positivity. Although Garrick speaks a lot about her personal struggles, she also posts videos about her journey as a division one volleyball player on YouTube.

If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten through 100% of your toughest days.”

— Victoria Garrick

Garrick reminds people that it is okay to talk about their emotions, struggles, and hardships even if you feel like you shouldn’t. Garrick also has a podcast called “Realpod.” Garrick brings other athletes onto her podcast and together they talk about similar struggles they have endured as athletes and more. Garrick uses her platform to spread awareness, but most of all to let others know they are not alone.