Sartell Sabre Chase Heying continues his baseball dream


Sartell senior Chase Heyings commitment post from instagram.

Chase Heying is a Sartell senior who in recent months has been lucky enough to commit to play college baseball.

Heying will be attending Luther College in Iowa and will be majoring in computer science due to his interest in technology and also knowing that it has many job openings. Along with a very difficult four years of schooling ahead of him, he will take on the challenge of being a student-athlete. Heying will be a PO (Pitcher Only) at the college level and will have a very fun journey ahead of him due to his love for the coaches and campus.

Although he has been blessed to continue his baseball career, it is important to look at all his accomplishments in the past years. Heying has been able to travel the world pursuing his love for baseball to get where he is today.

One major location that Chase has gone to was California to play in the Perfect Game Invitational. In this tournament, Chase received the most valuable pitcher award and following this event Chase was put onto the recruitment map because of his stellar performance. After the tournament, Chase began to get recruited but he wishes he would have changed a couple of things. He wished that he would have attended more showcases to get his name out there sooner.

Along with winning the most valuable pitcher award, Chase will be a three-year varsity baseball player this coming season and has had some amazing pitching outings in the past years. He has been a valuable part of the team and has been one of the main arms in Sartell’s pitching rotation.