Our trip to Florida: Covid style

This last week I had the opportunity to travel to Florida for vacation with my family. It was not the same as most years in some aspects and caused me to think back to previous years. Because of Covid, traveling to Florida was different, but once we got there, the vacation itself was not much different from previous years. 

While we were in Florida we made sure to stop by Fort Meyers Beach. (Charlie Kent)

I traveled to Florida by plane and traveled home by car with my dad. Traveling in the airport was not very difficult but definitely different from previous years. Parking areas around the airport were not as full making it much easier to park. Because of Covid, the amount of people flying out of Minneapolis was very low compared to previous years. This made moving through security and the rest of the airport very easy and stress free. Because of less people, the airplane was also not full, allowing me to have an open seat next to me. This caused the flight to be much more comfortable than it would have been previous years. The way home from Florida was not much different because we took a car home. The only difference with traveling home was the fact that all gas stations required masks. 

My time in Florida was not much different from previous years. We were able to do everything we do every year when we go down to there. Restaurants that we usually eat at were all open. This allowed us to still be able to eat out while we were on vacation. Also while in Florida, we always find a night to go mini-golfing, and Covid did not stop us from doing this. 

While we were fishing, we caught a shark which was really interesting! (Charlie Kent)

Covid has caused many changes in how we live our lives today. One of those changes is how we travel. Traveling this year was a little different due to Covid. This did not stop us from traveling to Florida or from having a great time. We were still able to do what we love to do in Florida and have a great time doing it.