China reaches poverty milestone, at least somewhat


Pondspider is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Two men living in the poverty of China. Due to extreme poverty, some are forced to live in metal cages.

Despite achieving a long-sought milestone of absolute-poverty prevention in China last Monday, the Communist party is withholding its urge to celebrate just yet. 

Over the past four decades, China has been one of the most broadly impoverished countries on the global stage, but on Monday, the state news agency of the country, Xinhua, reported that the remaining nine impoverished counties have been lifted from the list of counties qualified for the distinction.

Originally, there were 832 of these counties, thus making this massive reduction quite the accomplishment to behold, especially once time allows for a proper hindsight. In spite of this momentous occasion, Chinese officials and scholars are hesitant to celebrate.

Their reasoning generally pertains to the truth that poverty has not been entirely defeated, and there is still much to be done to be able to truthfully claim that it has. Nonetheless, it is certainly a large step forward.