Car bomb kills at least 40 on the border of Ghanzi


Chief Mass Communication Special

Afghan Soldiers Survey the aftermath of the bombing

Amid the widespread tension of this year, a surprising  car bomb has killed at least 40 Afghan soldiers on the edges of the Ghanzi territory.

As first reported by CNN, on the outskirts of the Ghazni province of Afghanistan, a devastating event has occurred. On Saturday, November 28, an attacker drove an explosive-packed vehicle into the front of an Afghan military base.

At least 40 soldiers met their end at the hands of the bomb, and at least 24 were injured, some critically. Interior Ministry spokesman, Tariq Arian, confirmed the damages, but did not provide any further details as to the whereabouts and identity of the bomber.

Violence and drug use in the country of Afghanistan has remained high for a number of years, and this most recent bombing was another saddening reinforcement of this reality.