Boredom busters for lockdown

Every teenager in their right mind is bored while inside, but the LeSabre is here with the ultimate guide to eliminating boredom during lockdown.

I’m going to give it to you straight: quite literally no one wants to spend another month stuck in their house. However, for all my seniors, if any of y’all want a real graduation (and I would like a real graduation) we gotta put some real effort into the biggest group project of all time. Here’s a list of 30 things to do while you sit at home, safely, for the next 30 days. 


  • Play Among Us 

If you haven’t played Among Us at this point, you definitely should. It’s strangely thrilling, socially-distancing friendly and you can text the code for your game to all of your friends. 

  • Buy Christmas presents for your loved ones

It always makes me feel better. Amazon has a great list for gifts at all price points:

Here is the link to the Amazon Christmas main page.

  • Binge a Netflix show

The opportunities are endless with this one. Netflix originals, Black Mirror, Hallmark-style movies, seriously. Endless.

  • Re-watch your old favorite Disney show on Disney+

I don’t know about you, but a good ol’ episode of Suite Life On Deck instantly puts me in a better mood. Similar to Netflix, there are a lot of options here. For legal reasons, I can’t give you my own account password, but there’s a thirty day free trial! The perfect length for lockdown!

  • Read another article on the LeSabre’s website 🙂

Hi! You’re already here! Just click on another headline!

  • Do your homework

No, really, you should. Apparently Mario Kart music helps with concentration. Here’s a link to an artist who plays it on spotify:

Here is the link to the Mario Kart 7 Spotify Playlist

  • Google “play pacman” and go to town

It takes two seconds, and you can do it during a zoom call.

  • Do yoga

I was once a yoga non-believer. What’s the big deal? But let me tell you. Yoga is difficult. Did I spend my summer trying and failing to do a headstand? Yes. Have I made progress? No. Will I continue??? Yes, because I am addicted to the zen and you will be too. I watch Yoga with Adriene on YouTube:

Yoga With Adriene

  • Make hot chocolate

It’s getting cold, so hot drinks are now socially (distancing) acceptable. Get yourself some Hershey’s syrup and some ‘mallows and get your cocoa on.

  • Help cook Thanksgiving dinner 

Or just family dinner, your parent(s) will appreciate it. This article has a bunch of great Thanksgiving appetizers that are easy and look so good???

54 Thankgsgiving appetizers


  • Learn photography

Do you have a phone? Congrats, you’re more advanced than any photographer pre-y2k. Take pictures of everything you see and use any filter you can find. Make a whole new Instagram account. Become famous. Go crazy.

  • Put googly-eyes on every picture in the house

I did this for April fools once and it was hilarious. Please try it. If your dad/mom/brother/dog has any sort of sense of humor they’ll appreciate their likeness being googly-eyed. 

  • Resist cutting your own bangs

Trust me on this one. My bangs are cute now. They were not cute when I cut them early on a fateful spring morning. Put down your kitchen scissors.

  • Learn origami

Origami will always be cool, at least to me. If nothing else, learn origami so you can fold your dollar bills and annoy your cashiers post-lockdown.

  • Master the etch-a-sketch

Am I on etch-a-sketch TikTok? Maybe. But regardless of my TikTok orientation, being able to create anything resembling a picture on an etch-a-sketch is an art. Literally.

  • Become a box

If you’re anything like me, you’ve ordered an absurd amount of things online since March. Find the biggest box from your online mistakes and cut yourself some leg and arm holes. Scare your siblings.

  • Roomba curling

This one requires equipment but it looks so stupid and so fun. Very good sports substitute for your postponed season 🙂 (too soon, sorry).

  • Foster a pet

Hear me out on this one. I’m the first one to tell you how my puppy drives me crazy. However, they make great companions, and are endlessly entertaining. Plus, there are always tons of cute pets that need good homes, even just for a little while (just make sure your family is okay with it). The Tri-County Humane Society is great for fostering:

Here is the link to the Tri-County Humane Society

  • Yell compliments at your neighbors from your front porch 

Like that one old guy from that book, but with positivity. Make sure it’s during daylight hours, and that the compliments are purely positive. Spread some joy!!

  • Turn your house into a haunted house

Every season is Spooky Season™ and you should celebrate accordingly. Don’t go too crazy, don’t paint your walls black and purple or anything, but throw a sheet over your head and turn off the lights. Scare your siblings, part two.

  • Email your favorite teacher

Send them a thank you message. They need it. They deserve it. Turn on your camera in class, maybe. Show some appreciation. Everyone, especially them, is doing their best right now. 

  • Shop for new masks!

You can never have enough! They’re infinitely accessorizable. Sports team masks? Great. Bedazzled masks? Beautiful. Neutral toned masks? Lovely. Tie dye masks? Fantastic. Safe and stylish, baby. Here’s a great place to start:

  • Download Duolingo

That owl will harass you with notifications until you are near-fluent in French, or German, or whatever language you choose. What better way to come out of quarantine a brand new person? A bilingual beauty? A worldly whizz? 

  • Make a charcuterie board

Shar-kewt-er-y. Char-cut-air-ee? However you say it. Look it up on Pinterest and recreate your favorite example. Delicious and beautiful.

  • Do a facemask

I don’t care how you identify, everyone’s skin needs moisture and love. Use some cucumber slices. Take a fun mirror pic in the process. Your acne (or lack thereof) will thank you. 

  • TikTok to your heart’s content 

If you’re not on TikTok or making TikToks, I highly recommend it. There is, quite literally, a side of TikTok for everyone. Food TikTok, frog TikTok, fashion TikTok, you name it, it’s probably a thing.

  • Watch the entirety of the Star Wars cinematic universe

I’m not 100% positive, but between the original series, the Clone Wars, and the recent additions, I’m sure this option could take up at least five of your thirty days.

  • Name your plants

Paddington. Meryl. Debra. Another option with endless possibilities. 

  • Learn to beatbox

If you get good enough, this one will be your party trick for years (when parties are safe again). Or, put it in the special skills section of your resume. Become the Pentatonix guy. You know the one.

  • Breathe

High school is stressful. Holidays are stressful. Global Pandemics are stressful. It’s gonna be okay.