2020 is the time to get into ice fishing


Charlie Kent

This crappie was caught during ice fishing 2018.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fish through a hole in the ice?

Ice fishing is a way for people who love to fish to get out in the winter and have a blast, as well as, catch some fish to bring home and enjoy. Ice fishing is very similar to fishing in the summer with a few things that are different. The goal is the same, and that goal involves catching fish. 

Ice fishing can be looked at as similar to summer fishing, but it can also be looked at as being very different from it. Ice fishing simply involves going out on the ice when it is safe to walk across and drill a hole. Once a hole is drilled to fish through, a small fishing rod is used to drop the line and hook down into the water to catch a fish. Different from summer fishing, ice fishing can sometimes be slow and hard to find the fish. This can make ice fishing stressful and very difficult sometimes. 

Couple of Crappies and Bluegills caught in Brainerd Minnesota (Charlie Kent )

There are many things that people should buy, and know, before going out ice fishing to keep it from being super stressful and difficult. When it comes to ice fishing, using a fish finder can help a lot. This allows people to go around checking different holes to find where the fish are at. People should also know that fish in the winter will be most likely deeper than they would be in the summer. This is not true with all fish, but true for most fish species targeted in the winter. In the winter, small hooks are also used because of the way they feed in the winter compared to how they feed in the summer. 

For people who love to fish in the summer and have never ice fished, ice fishing would be a good thing to try out because of how much they have in common. Ice fishing can be hard at first but with time it can be enjoyable and fun. Ice fishing is a good way to get and enjoy some fishing in the winter when fishing from a boat is not available. Be safe on the ice and get out there and catch some fish!

Walleye caught on Red Lake December of 2019 (Charlie Kent )