Sartell Samaritans: a new way to help


Fair use photo from Sartell Samaritans

Sartell Samaritans’s logo shows just a little bit about this new club.

With this year being as unpredictable as it has been, there might be a way to turn that extra time that everyone has on their hands into something good.

The Sartell Samaritans is a new club that has become a part of our high school recently. Now this club isn’t like any others that are in our school, because it doesn’t just deal with what’s happening in our school community but it connects us with many others around our city as well.

My main goal is to reach out to everyone…I can bring together a lot of people and connect them right now… ”

— Will Yu

His mission with the website is to be an easy-to-use, direct place where students can find volunteer options out in the local community.  He found it difficult to navigate the many opportunities himself, so that’s why he started the club and the website.   Sartell Samaritans is a place where anyone can go to find different ways to help out, right here in Sartell. William Yu, the club’s founder, talks about what the club is really about.

Will is a senior this year, and he enjoys playing hockey, cooking, and well, of course, helping others. He started this club mostly as a way to solve an issue that he saw occurring this year. Will is a part of the National Honors Society, and with the recent developments of last year happening, for instance the coronavirus having a little visit, he realized that there was no way to get volunteer hours that he needed for that society.

Over the summer, when he couldn’t do much of anything, he tried to find different ways to be able to volunteer, but realized that

William Yu, the founder of Sartell Samaritans. (@imjamesjoseph)

there wasn’t an easy way to do that, so he decided to create one himself. He has created this club by himself during those long summer months. It took a lot of work, and a lot of time, but after those months Will was able to create a website for Sartell Samaritans that focuses on organizations local to this area, and those that many people can trust in.

For example, some organizations that this club would bring volunteer opportunities from are Kids Fighting Hunger, and other local churches around the area.

Now because this year is so different, and with the new change to the distance learning schedule, this club won’t be run any different from what it was going to be before. It is still going to have meetings on zoom, and the volunteer opportunities are going to also be accessible, and safe, throughout COVID-19.

Sartell Samaritans is a great way to help the community, so if you want to join the schoology course code is listed here. (Fair use photo from Sartell Samaritans )

Now Will says that he would like to impact Sartell with this club by trying to unify this community, especially now that the district is distance learning, many feel far apart. Although if everyone chips in a little, it would help out a lot. The main part about Sartell Samaritans is that it is open for anyone to join, even if you only have a little time on your hands.

If you are looking forward to joining this club there is a website here where you can find out more about Sartell Samaritans. There is a schoology course that is open to anyone who wants to, which can be found on the poster.

The first meeting will be this Friday at 2:00 pm, it is open to anyone and will only last 10-15 minutes, so if you have any time, stop in at the zoom on Friday.