New bill may grant former Russian presidents legal immunity

This week, a bill was submitted for review by Russian Lawmakers that would grant former presidents of Russia complete immunity from criminal prosecution post-office.

As was reported Thursday, an alteration to Russian law is in consideration at the moment. At present, Russian presidents cannot be prosecuted legally while they hold the office of presidency, but lack that same immunity once their term(s) is over. This shift in policy would most immediately affect incumbent president, Vladimir Putin. 

Beyond the simple notion of making the president, former or current, immune to prosecution, the new bill would massively complicate any exceptions to this would-be rule. In order for the president to even be required to appear in court, two thirds of the Russian Parliament must approve the motion, and the crime itself must be one of the highest capital offensive level, such as murder.

The passing of this bill is not confirmed, and it is still in the processing stage, but should it be passed, then all those who once held the office of Russian President will be somewhat above the law.